Home Entertainment 777 Charlie ( Kannada) Box Office Collection: Rakshit Shetty Starrer Grossed Approximately Rs. 20 Crores!

777 Charlie ( Kannada) Box Office Collection: Rakshit Shetty Starrer Grossed Approximately Rs. 20 Crores!

777 Charlie ( Kannada) Box Office Collection: Rakshit Shetty Starrer Grossed Approximately Rs. 20 Crores!

777 Charlie is a Kannada-language adventure comedy-drama film directed by Kiranraj K. and released in 2022.

Rakshit Shetty and G. S. Gupta are the producers for Paramvah Studios. The story follows a lonely factory worker and his Labrador Retriever on their journey together.

777 Charlie had a limited theatre release on June 2, 2022, and a global release on June 10, 2022. The film’s cast performances (especially Rakshit Shetty and Charlie), writing, emotional weight, and director all garnered high reviews.


  • Rakshit Shetty as Dharma
  • Charlie the dog as Charlie
  • Sangeetha Sringeri as Devika
  • Raj B. Shetty as Dr. Ashwin Kumar
  • Danish Sait as Karshan Roy
  • Sharvari as Adhrika
  • Bobby Simha as a dog lover
  • Kiranraj K. as North Indian Hotel Owner (Cameo)

777 Charlie ( Kannada) box office collection

  • H G Somashekhar Rao as Tea Stall Owner
  • Bhargavi Narayan as Tea Stall Owner’s Wife
  • Harini as Dharma’s Mother
  • Siddharth Bhat as Dharma’s Father
  • Praanya P Rao as Dharma’s Sister
  • Vijay Vikram Singh as Military Officer
  • Gopalakrishna Deshapande as Dharma’s Colleague
  • Abhijith Mahesh as Compounder
  • Anirudh Mahesh as Uttam , Dharma’s Colleague
  • Bengaluru Nagesh as Dharma’s Neighbour
  • Salman Ahmed as Manju

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Dharma has a life that is not at all enviable. When it comes to shutting the doors on people who desire his company, he’s completely unapproachable, unpresentable, and unyielding. His home is a dumping ground for trash. The shambles have no effect on Dharma, who appears to be incapable of feeling anything.

777 Charlie ( Kannada) box office collection

At a young age, he lost his parents and a younger sister in a car accident. He has matured into a bitter adult. He’s full of inconsistencies. He enjoys Charlie Chaplin’s films, but he never grins. He’s a hard worker who leads a dreary existence. He has a decent heart yet is unconcerned about anyone. His bark is more frightening than his bite.

However, Dharma’s existence is turned upside down when Charlie runs away from his cruel owner and walks right into his life. Charlie notices something in Dharma that he doesn’t notice in himself. Charlie adopts Dharma as a child, giving him a new lease on life. The two misfits, who have been dealt a poor hand in life, find solace in one other. They both embarked on a path of self-discovery.

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Box Office Collection:

777 Charlie ( Kannada) box office collection

777 is a Kannada comedy-drama about a dog. Charlie had a fantastic opening weekend at the box office. Over the weekend, including Thursday previews, the Rakshit Shetty starrer grossed approximately Rs. 20 crores, with a good trend as the collections improved with each passing day.

On Sunday, the film reached maximum capacity in multiple Karnataka theatres, grossing more than Rs. 5.50 crores. Outside of Karanataka, the film did well as well, with the Hindi version seeing very excellent attendance on Sunday.

The collections in Hindi were fewer than expected due to the limited release, but because the occupancies were excellent, it may be able to hold on to some screenings in the following days.

The following are the Indian box office collections for 777 Charlie:

Rs. 1.10 crores – Thursday (Previews)
Rs. 4.90 crores on Friday
Rs. 6.25 crores on Saturday
Rs. 7.50 crores on Sunday

Rs. 19.75 crores in total

With this start, and especially with the upward trend throughout the weekend, the film might expect a final gross of Rs. 50 crores across India, with Karnataka likely to reach Rs. 40 crores or more. Sandalwood, unfortunately, does not have a proper box office tracking system. Normally, some numbers circulate on social media, primarily from fan handles, but these are typically nonsense and far from truth.

With a revenue of nearly Rs. 170 crores, KGF 2 is the highest-grossing picture in the state, but it was a large event film with hefty ticket costs. James, which is still a far bigger film than 777 Charlie, made around Rs. 60 crores in the state, hence a Rs. 40 crores for 777 Charlie will be a huge figure.

The following is the territorial breakdown for 777 Charlie’s box office collections in India:

Rs. 15.25 crores – Karnataka
1.50 crores AP/TS
90 lakhs in Kerala
60 lakhs in Tamil Nadu
Rs. 1.50 crores for the rest of India

Rs. 19.75 crores in total

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‘777 Charlie’ also impresses in terms of acting, with Rakshit Shetty (also a co-producer) putting up a fantastic performance. His bonding with the female dog includes those “oh-so-cute” moments, especially in comedy scenarios.

The labrador is adorable, and her eyes will melt your heart. Sangeetha Sringeri, an Animal Welfare Officer, plays a role in the story’s development.

The film’s photography, sound, and production design are just a few of the indisputable pluses. The first half is fast-paced and packed with LOL (laugh-out-loud) moments, but the second half settles down and transforms into an emotional story.

The story may have been condensed to make the experience more memorable. Intriguingly, the screenplay features many Charlie Chaplin movies playing in the background, including ‘A Dog’s Life,’ which inspired the dog’s name.

Fans of Rakshit Shetty and films that express important values, such as pet adoption, will like ‘777 Charlie.’ The film has a lot of heart and soul, with moments that will make you cry at the conclusion.