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Android Hacks: You Should Check These 5 Android Hacks 2022

Here are the top 7 secret Android phone hacks, tips, and tricks for 2022. Make the most of your Android smartphone by using these helpful hacks, tricks, and tips.

Keyboard that Floats

Did you know that you can have a keyboard that you can position wherever you like on the screen? You can even change the keyboard’s color or theme and resize the keyboard.
You must have the Google Gboard Keyboard App installed and set up as your primary input method in order to use this.

Here’s how To Go About It:

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  • Install the Google Gboard Keyboard App after downloading it, then configure it as the default input method.
  • Open any app now, such as Whatsapp or SMS
  • Start a new chat or SMS, or respond to one that is already open
  • Bring the cursor to the keyboard.
  • You’ll see the Gboard Keyboard.
  • The three dots are located in the top-right area of the keyboard. Click the 3 Dots.
  • Choose “Floating.”
  • Now, you can move the keyboard across the screen as you choose, according to your convenience.

2. Add a shortcut to any WhatsApp Chat on the home screen

Any individual or group WhatsApp chat can be quickly added as a shortcut to your home screen for convenience.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Long-press any individual or group chat on WhatsApp to open it.
  • Select “Add Chat Shortcut” from the menu in the top right corner of the three dots to add the chat shortcut to your home screen.
  • Numerous other apps also have this option.

3. Different Android Apps Have a Different Volume

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Do you know that Android comes with a built-in function that enables you to automatically change the volume for various Apps, including ringtones, media, notifications, system sounds, alarms, and others based on your preferences?

Here’s how To Go About It:

now, press the volume-up key and Tap the Top Right Three Dots.
You can now change the volume of the system settings, media, notifications, and ringtone.

4. Increase Charging Speed by Twofold

If you have an Android smartphone that charges slowly and are tired of it, then try this trick. We are all aware that turning off the phone will increase the charging speed.
However, if you do wish to turn off your phone but still desire to double charging speed, all you need to do is pull down the notification bar and go to airplane mode.
Even if you don’t have a fast charger or if your phone doesn’t support fast charging, this one easy trick will help to practically double the charging speed.

5. Use Three Taps to Zoom

For those with weak vision, these Android phone hacks and tricks are incredibly helpful. To zoom in and out on any program on your Android smartphone, simply Triple Tap anywhere on the screen.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Access Settings
  • Magnification -> Visibility Enhancement -> ON -> Accessibility
  • To zoom in, select Triple Tap.
  • Just that.

6. A camera’s floating shutter button

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No longer is it necessary to always use the fixed and default camera shutter button when taking pictures or taking selfies. On an Android smartphone, a floating shutter button is now possible.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • the Android phone’s default camera should be opened.
  • The Settings Icon is located in the top left corner. Just click it.
  • “Shooting Methods” can be found by scrolling down.
  • “Floating Shutter Button” should be turned ON.
  • Just that. Now your Android phone’s default camera has a floating shutter button.

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7. Google Maps offline

It can be convenient and useful to have Offline Google Maps or Navigation Maps while traveling or in locations with Internet Network Issues. You can always download your preferred Google Map or Maps and utilize them Offline whenever and wherever necessary to avoid any undesired trouble.

Here’s how to go about it:

  • Launch Google Maps
  • Select your profile by clicking in the top right corner.
  • There will be a menu on the left. the “Offline Maps” option.
  • Click “Select Your Own Map” now.
  • Choose the map you want, then click “Download.” Your map will be downloaded for offline use in a short while.

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