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Ashes Of Love Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer!

The novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian is the inspiration for the Chinese television series Ashes of Love, which premiered in 2018. In the principal role, Deng Lun represents Xu Feng, while Yang Zi portrays Jin Mi. The first episode of the series aired on Jiangsu TV on August 2, 2018.

In less than 15 minutes after it aired, the first episode of the show garnered 100 million views.

Is Ashes of Love becoming a bit much for you? For those who haven’t heard, the show has been renewed for a second season. The project is still in its infancy, and little details are accessible. Ashes of Love executive producer Liu Ning, on the other hand, has stated that the show’s second season will be filmed this year and next year.

Ashes Of Love Season 2 Status

There will be a sequel to “Ashes of Love,” as Youku and the production team confirmed on March 10. For those of us who had seen the first season, we were all excited to hear there would be a sequel. Youku makes the covers and posters of books and artwork available for free download on their website. In the fall, a television adaptation of the novel “Love When the Stars Fall” will be shown, according to reports.

Ashes Of Love Season 2 Story

Zifen the Flower Deity succumbed to her wounds after giving birth to a daughter named Jinmi. She consulted a horoscope because she foresaw that her daughter would confront a huge love difficulty in the first 10,000 years of her life. Jinmi is given a magical pellet just before she passes away, and it prevents her from experiencing or expressing passionate love of any kind.

Jinmi grows up in the Flower Realm as a low-level immortal. Xufeng, the Fire Deity who lives in the Heavenly Realm, shakes her peaceful existence. After persuading Xufeng to take her to the Heavenly Realm, Jinmi meets the Night Deity Runyu, half-brother to Xufeng. Princess Sui was a close companion of the Holy Empress, mother of Xufeng. He believes she will marry Xufeng at some point in the future.

A love triangle forms between Xufeng and Runyu, Jinmi’s two older brothers, because of Jinmi’s involvement in the Holy Empress’s plans. In addition, Jinmi learns that she is descended from the Flower and Water deities, making her a really unique being.

Jinmi is tricked by Runyu into killing Xufeng and coughing up the magic pellet as a result of her father’s death at the hands of Xufeng. Xufeng returns in a later incarnation in the Demon Realm. Runyu, who has ascended to the position of Heavenly Emperor and intends to crown Jinmi Holy Empress, is quickly identified as the future Demon King.

Xufeng eventually defeats Sui He after she discovers the truth about his reincarnation and attempts to marry her. Deathmatch between Runyu and Xufeng will be the ultimate showdown. Jinmi ultimately sacrifices herself in order to stop the fight and restore peace to the earth.

Xufeng devotes the rest of his life to finding Jinmi’s soul fragments in the six kingdoms. Jinmi was literally a teardrop in his eye when he finally realised it after three years of searching. After learning that Jinmi will reincarnate, Xufeng chooses to wait for her return.

500 years have passed since the dawn of time. Jinmi and her father reincarnate in the Mortal Realm. On the day of Jinmi’s wedding, Xufeng resurfaces as a phoenix and the two are reunited. They’re off in no time.

It’s been seven years since Liuying first came in the Demon Realm, but the realm has entered a new golden age. In the aftermath of defeat, Suihe travels the outskirts of the Demon Realm in search of solace. This time around, she dumped them into a cave she’d previously thrown them in when she mistook an entrance for the Holy Empress’ throne. Consequently, she was devoured by one of the remaining boys of the family. He appeared to have swallowed his little sibling.

Heavenly Emperor Runyu is a celestial emperor. Kuanglu, his loyal henchman, is aware of the situation. She has vowed to be by his side, no matter what. This small boy, who lives with his parents in the mortal realm, is well-versed in his parents’ past and has no qualms about telling people about it.

Ashes Of Love Season 2 Release Date

According to The Ashes of Love’s official website, the second season is expected to premiere before the end of 2022.

There have been no public announcements from the developers. Continuing the storey of the main characters from the previous season, the second season of Ashes of Love will focus on their children.

Ashes Of Love Season 2 Star Cast

There are no confirmed cast members because the season has yet to be renewed. However, the cast of this Chinese drama’s first season is shown below.

Yang Zi portrays Jinmi, while Luo Yunxi takes on the role of Runyu. (the Night Deity, who is the eldest prince of the Heavenly Realm). He is a quiet and pleasant person who waits until he is certain of the outcome before making a move. He’s been plotting to take over the kingdom ever since his mother died. He is a human, yet he assumes the form of a dragon. Xufeng is played by Deng Lun in this film (2nd prince of the Heavenly Realm). Yufei Wang is the actor who portrays Suihe, whereas Zhou Tingwei portrays Qiyuan and Liuying is the actor who portrays Suihe in this movie.

Ashes Of Love Season 2 Trailer

You can view the Season 1 trailer for Ashes of Love, which is below— if you don’t have access to a trailer.


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