baseboard cleaning hacks

Baseboard Cleaning Hacks: Baseboard Cleaning Techniques that Won’t Cause Back Pain

The full guide to baseboard cleaning Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule enables you to stay on top of all the small tasks around the house that can easily pile up. How frequently do you clean your baseboards, though? Your baseboards may be accumulating more dust and grime than you realize if it has been some time since you gave them some TLC. With our expert advice, you’ll discover how to quickly and painlessly clean baseboards.

When Should Baseboards Be Cleaned?

baseboard cleaning hacks

How frequently should baseboards be cleaned? Much will rely on how you live. You will probably need to clean them more frequently than most people if you have pets that lose a lot of hair. Make it a point to clean your baseboards once a month as a quick and filthy(!) guideline. Change to cleaning them every two weeks if you find that they are extremely dirty. And if you discover that your baseboards retain their cleanliness, you might just need to clean them every few months.

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Tips for Cleaning Baseboards

You can speed up and improve the effectiveness of cleaning your baseboards in a few different ways. Use the brush attachment on the hose to scrub clean your baseboards while vacuuming. This prevents the accumulation of dust, filth, and pet hair by removing it.

Another suggestion is to clean your baseboards using dryer sheets. In addition to drawing dirt, they also provide the boards with a dust-repellent gloss that will shield them from future stains. Added Pro tip? Without having to bend over, clean your baseboards by sticking dryer sheets to a Swiffer mop.

Lack of cleaning supplies? No issue! To clean your baseboards, all you need to do is place an old sock over your hand. You can use a sock with or without a cleaning agent; just be sure to check that it’s safe for your skin or wear rubber gloves underneath.

Are you prepared to scrub your baseboards thoroughly? Here’s how to complete a thorough job if our tips for cleaning baseboards aren’t cutting it.

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How to Clean Baseboards and Walls

baseboard cleaning hacks

Walls are the first thing to take into account. It may surprise you to learn that walls, particularly textured ones, accumulate dust and debris just like any other element of your home. See if you can notice any dirty markings in places that people commonly touch in high-traffic areas. The most common problem areas are those near stairs and doorways.

The dust that sticks to your walls eventually falls, collecting on your baseboards in its place. Therefore, you must remove the dust that is lingering above your baseboards in order to thoroughly clean them. Walls can be cleaned with a straightforward soap and water mixture. To get rid of as many loose particles as you can, dust them first (or use the brush attachment on your vacuum). Pay close attention to the areas around light fixtures and in the corners.

Then combine dish soap and warm water in the same amount as you would use to wash dishes. A soft sponge or microfiber cloth should be used, and it should be dampened with water. You don’t want to ruin the paint or drywall, so be careful not to soak it. To protect your floor, you can scatter towels around the area where you’re working, but you shouldn’t drop more than a few drips.

To be sure the soap won’t interfere with your paint or wallpaper, test a discreet area first. After that, wash the wall in a circular motion from the top down. Avoid applying excessive pressure because doing so may result in markings. A small amount of concentrated soap or even a dab of white vinegar should be sufficient to eliminate daily filth, however, some areas could require a little extra care.

Wipe up any drips you notice and wring out your sponge or cloth if you notice them dripping down the walls. Only enough water is required to draw dust to the surface and raise it there. Once the wall has been thoroughly cleaned, remove any remaining soap by wiping down the walls with a cloth or sponge that has been rinsed in clean water.

After cleaning your walls, you should focus on your baseboards. While virtually any mild cleaner, a brush, a microfiber cloth, and a little elbow grease will help, some techniques work better for various baseboard kinds. Look them up.

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White Baseboard Cleaning Techniques

baseboard cleaning hacks

White baseboards have a classy appearance, but they are easily dirty. Use the advice above if your white baseboards are painted wood. Instead, adhere to these recommendations if they are PVC-made.

Step 1: Regularly dust or vacuum your baseboards.

Step 2: Clean the baseboards with a solution of dish soap and warm water.

Step 3: Use an all-purpose cleaner and a magic eraser to lift the dirt from your PVC baseboard if it has several scuff marks (always perform a spot test first!).

Step 4: Prepare a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts hot water and spray the boards to keep your baseboards sparkling white. After waiting 10 minutes, wipe down with a fresh, moist towel.

In Summary

Most cleaning programs usually ignore baseboards, but taking a little extra time each month to have your baseboards cleaned will make your entire area seem better. Additionally, research has shown that keeping your home clean increases your life expectancy. So why are you still waiting? Put on your work gloves and clean your baseboards today!