Ben Affleck's 10-Year-Old Son Backs a Lamborghini Into a Vehicle; I'm Very Sorry, Dad!

Ben Affleck’s 10-Year-Old Son Backs a Lamborghini Into a Vehicle; I’m Very Sorry, Dad!

By hopping into the driver’s seat of a very costly Lamborghini and putting it in reverse while the engine was running, Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son recently caused some trouble. The Lamborghini then collided with another vehicle.

Samuel Garner Affleck took Ben and Jennifer Lopez to the 777 Exotics luxury car rental facility in Los Angeles on Sunday. Ben permitted Samuel to take the wheel of a yellow Lamborghini while they were all gazing at other vehicles.

The Lamborghini was in reverse when it apparently collided with the white BMW, so it appears that Samuel or someone else had the engine going.

10-Year-Old Son of Ben Affleck Backs Lambo Into Car, Dad, I'm So Sorry!

The back bumper of the Lamborghini appeared to make contact with the front wheel and possibly the fender of the BMW on the passenger side, according to the footage.

Sam stepped out of the Lamborghini and proceeded to the back to look for any potential damage. It’s difficult to see from the pictures.

No damage occurred, and everyone is well, a representative for Ben.

Although it is accurate that the automobiles were simply parked very closely together and there was no accident, this does not account for Samuel getting out to view the two cars. Instead, the employee at 777 Exotics said that there was no accident.

Overall, there was touch but very little to no harm.

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