bhool bhulaiyaa 2 box office collection

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Box Office Collection: Kartik Aaryan Starrer grosses 90 crores in First Week!

Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 (Labyrinth) is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language comedic horror film directed by Anees Bazmee, written by Aakash Kaushik and Farhad Samji, and produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar under the name T-Series Films and Murad and Anjum Khetani under the umbrella Cine1 Studios.

Filming began in October 2019 and ended in February 2022. The movie was primarily shot in a real mansion in Lucknow, with additional locations in Mumbai and Manali. While performing for the film’s climax sequence, Aaryan lost his voice for a brief while.

Pritam and Tanishk Bagchi composed the soundtrack for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, and Amitabh Bhattacharya, Sameer, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Mandy Gill wrote the lyrics. It includes a Neeraj Shridhar remix single of the 2007 film’s title track.

The release of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 was originally scheduled for July 31, 2020, but was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It premiered in India on May 20, 2022, and received excellent reviews from reviewers.


  • Tabu in dual roles as Anjulika and Manjulika Chatterjee
  • Kartik Aaryan as Ruhaan Randhawa a.k.a. Rooh Baba
  • Kiara Advani as Reet Thakur
  • Rajpal Yadav as Chhote Pandit
  • Amar Upadhyay as Uday Thakur
  • Sanjay Mishra as Bade Pandit
  • Ashwini Kalsekar as Panditain Sunanda

bhool bhulaiyaa 2 box office collection

  • Milind Gunaji as Thakur Vijender Singh
  • Karmveer Choudhary as Mukhiyaji
  • Rajesh Sharma as Kulwant Thakur
  • Samarth Chauhan as Potlu
  • Govind Namdev as Tantrik Baba
  • Vyoma Nandi as Rajjo
  • Kali Prasad Mukherjee as Debanshu Chatterjee

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Priests capture a furious spirit intent on harming a member of the Thakur family in a palace in Bhawanigarh, Rajasthan, in 2004. The family abandons the palace, which is left desolate.

Ruhaan Randhawa encounters Reet Rathore on a bus in present-day Himachal Pradesh, on her way home from her wedding to Sagar. They cut their trip short to attend a music festival. All of the passengers on the bus were scheduled to be on die as it crashes into a ditch. Reet tries to call her family, who believe she has died; while on the phone, she overhears her cousin Trisha and Sagar discussing their relationship and realizes they are in love. Reet decides to pretend to be dead for a while so Trisha and Sagar can marry. When Reet and Ruhaan arrive in Bhawanigarh, they seek refuge in the empty ancestral palace, where the ghost has been imprisoned.

bhool bhulaiyaa 2 box office collection

Ruhaan is apprehended by the Thakurs in the palace, and he convinces them that he is a psychic who was summoned by Reet’s soul. He claims her soul wishes to remain in the palace with her family and see the wedding of her cousin. Ruhaan becomes known as Rooh Baba in the hamlet due to his alleged powers, and he and Reet fall in love. Ruhaan is warned by Anjulika, Reet’s sister-in-law, to keep away from the locked chamber where Manjulika is held.

Manjulika and Anjulika were identical twins from Kolkata who moved to the palace with their father when he accepted a job as an accountant there. He preferred Anjulika to her sister, prompting an enraged Manjulika to seek safety in black magic. Manjulika had feelings for Uday Thakur, but he preferred Anjulika. She became enraged and decided to kill her sister after killing their father. In self-defense, Anjulika stabbed Manjulika fatally. Her spirit has since slain eight members of the family and paralyzed Uday by pushing him from the balcony. A priest imprisoned her spirit in a chamber in 2004.

Ruhaan and Reet are sighted one night by Chhote Pandit, a priest who leads the hunt. Ruhaan and Reet open Manjulika’s room and hide there, knowing it’s the one room no one will search, liberating the ghost. Manjulika attacks Anjulika, and she realizes that Reet is still alive. The priest who imprisoned Manjulika becomes possessed and murders his followers before being slain. Ruhaan comes face to face with the spirit and pushes him off the top of a fort.

Ruhaan returns to the palace possessed and speak Bengali for the first time. Reet is alive, the family discovers when they meet. When Reet arrives to protect Anjulika from Ruhaan, she discovers Anjulika holding a knife to her throat, threatening to kill her. Ruhaan confesses that he pretended to be possessed in order to expose the truth. The spirit is truly Anjulika, and Manjulika has been impersonating her for years.

After the spirit spared him in the fort and told him to go, Ruhaan realized the truth. Manjulika had used black magic to trade places with Anjulika on her wedding night. When Anjulika tried to attack her sister, she was stabbed. Uday Thakur had figured out the truth, but Manjulika had pushed him off the balcony to keep him silent. She also murdered the eight members of her family who had realized her actual identity.

Manjulika is violently attacked by Anjulika’s spirit, who traps her in the same closed room. She takes a moment with her family and expresses gratitude to Ruhaan for sharing her experience. To Manjulika’s screams, she disappears into the locked chamber, claiming that she has unfinished business with her sister. The family has left the palace for the second time.

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Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 Box Office

The release of Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 has provided much-needed relief to the suffering Bollywood industry, which has been languishing since the start of Covid-19 in March 2020.

After a great opening day of Rs. 13.5 crore net, the picture saw a steady upward trend over the weekend, grossing Rs. 18 crores on Day 2 and Rs. 23.35 crore on Day 3 for a weekend total of Rs. 54.85 crore.


Schedule Amount
Opening Day 14.11 cr.
End of Opening Weekend 55.96 cr.
End of Week 1 92.05 cr.
Lifetime Collection 98.57 cr.


Day Date Amount
Day 1 20-May-2022 (Fri) ₹14.11 cr. N/A
Day 2 21-May-2022 (Sat) ₹18.34 cr. +29.98%
Day 3 22-May-2022 (Sun) ₹23.51 cr. +28.19%
Day 4 23-May-2022 (Mon) ₹10.75 cr. -54.27%
Day 5 24-May-2022 (Tue) ₹9.56 cr. -11.07%
Day 6 25-May-2022 (Wed) ₹8.51 cr. -10.98%
Day 7 26-May-2022 (Thu) ₹7.27 cr. -14.57%
Day 8 27-May-2022 (Fri) ₹6.52 cr. -10.32%


Day Amount
Week 1  92.05 cr. N/A


Day Amount
Weekend 1  55.96 cr. N/A


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Script Analysis for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

Despite altering nearly the whole cast, Akash Kaushik retains the concept and script pattern remarkably close to the original. Despite the fact that Madhu Muttam’s story was emotionally compelling, Priyadarshan’s bleak direction helped the original attain cult status. When it comes to horror, this one relies heavily on its humor and plays it safe.

It follows the standard cliches of ‘pulling your legs when asleep,’ ‘backward feet,’ and so on, but it cleverly balances them out with bizarre one-liners and wacky humor. The comedy are as absurd as they are in many other Bazmee films, but they work here because of the characters’ eccentricities. Manu Anand uses a hazy approach to horror moments, which works to his advantage to some extent.

Movie Review: Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2

  • Kartik Aaryan is great! He manages to make us forget about Akshay Kumar’s great performance and start over.
  • Despite the fact that his Ruhan is an entirely different character, there are shades of ‘Adi’ in his Ruhan, and that’s where he shines the greatest. No, not because his touch on the character is any less genuine, but because he thrives under the burden of comparison, providing pure amusement.
  • Tabu enters with her customary grace * 100 formula, which the script cleverly exploits to its advantage, almost hitting the spell generated by Vidya Balan in the original.
  • Kiara Advani is the weakest of the bunch, not because of her acting, but because her character doesn’t give her much room to grow. She gets plenty of ‘Manjulika,’ but it’s too late.
  • With some gut-busting comedy, Rajpal Yadav and Sanjay Mishra keep the film’s pulse going. The story behind the humor, as well as the performances, are far more amusing than Farhad Samji & Aakash Kaushik’s dialogues.
  • Rajesh Sharma and Amar Upadhyay are hardly adequate; one speaks excessively and the other remains silent throughout.