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Bio for Instagram: Top Instagram Bios that Will Truly Set Your Profile Apart from The Competition!

Your company’s Instagram bio must be written or updated. Do you have any questions on how to use or add certain features?

This post will show you how to put nine essential elements together to create an Instagram bio for your business. Additionally, you may find excellent examples of Instagram bios for businesses in many industries.

Why Your Marketing Benefits from A Business-Friendly Instagram Bio

bio for instagram

With the right features and copy combinations, your company’s Instagram bio can give potential and current customers the information they need and drive them toward the next steps. A strong Instagram business bio can:

  • Tell customers where they can buy your products.
  • Tell prospective consumers how to get in touch with your employees.
  • Make explicit the locations and addresses.

Encourage customers to take specific actions, like ordering food from your restaurant or going to your store.

  • Cite social proof to support your claims’ veracity and reliability.
  • Important Elements of a Business Bio on Instagram

It’s easy to ignore your Instagram bio because it simply contains a 150-character summary of your business. Actually, it goes much beyond that. Examine the essential elements that each business bio should contain.

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Pick a Handle for Instagram.

It often makes sense to create an Instagram account under the name of your business. Followers will have no trouble discovering your account and company online if you take this course. Since usernames are crucial ranking factors for searches, pick a username that your target audience would use.

But what if the intended name for your company is already in use or has more letters than allowed? Consider making it shorter or adding more information, such as your company’s industry or geographic area.

For instance, the company name and location are both included in the account @lavish Raleigh. By incorporating the city, the design firm may quickly differentiate itself from the competitors and stand out in searches.

Keep in mind that your username can only contain letters, numbers, and punctuation such as underscores and periods. If you want to avoid confusing your followers, you can occasionally change your username.

Enter the Company Name on Instagram.


Instagram places far fewer restrictions on display names than it does on usernames, which need to be unique. If your company doesn’t cleanly fall into one of Instagram’s category choices, this is a great location to clarify your business kind or to provide your whole business name, also known as your business name.

For instance, @adventuresbyjessie’s display name includes both her full name and her position title. The travel agency has room in this section to offer details that potential clients could find helpful. Display names provide you with more creative freedom since they can accommodate a much wider range of special characters. Emojis that are added to the name of your business can be utilized to convey the type of work it does.

Pick an Instagram Category.

bio for instagram

Include a category in your Instagram bio to help users know what your business does. If your company neatly fits into one, like a restaurant or grocery shop, choosing a category for it is easy.

On Instagram, there are more than 1,000 categories, so more than one might apply to your business. Choose the label that your customers are most likely to choose by thinking about it from their perspective. You can return at any moment and alter your category.

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Instagram Users Should Upload a Profile Photo.

Instagram users should be able to quickly recognize your brand from your profile photo. Frequently, an image of your website or your emblem works best. If you’re a blogger, service provider, or creative, a headshot is usually a better choice.

To ensure that it displays effectively, whatever you choose, make sure your profile photo is at least 320 320 pixels in size. Verify your photograph to make sure Instagram’s circular frame didn’t eliminate any crucial details.

Add Business Contact Options

Instagram profiles make it easy for customers to reach out to your business. You can add a variety of contact options to your profile so that customers can choose the most convenient contact method.

For example, you could give your phone number, email address, or place of business. You can also enable audio calling on Instagram or connect your WhatsApp business number.

Construct Instagram Call-To-Action (cta) Buttons

For some business types, welcome calls and emails might not be the best strategies to help customers. Fortunately, Instagram has the Order Food, Book Now, and Reserve CTA buttons for restaurants, coffee shops, and service providers.

Each CTA option has a list of approved third-party systems that it supports. For instance, restaurants can link their Instagram accounts to their Resy profiles, and service providers can do the same with their Schedulicity accounts.

Copy of Your Instagram Bio to The Entry

bio for instagram

Your Instagram bio content can contain up to 150 characters that you can use to describe your business. In this, almost every character is fair game. Letters, numbers, punctuation, and emojis are all permissible. How then can you make the most of this limited space?

It’s advantageous to begin at the beginning. You may, for instance, describe the products or services your business provides. Your list of social evidence may also contain any honors or shout-outs you have received.

For instance, the @higharcmedia Instagram bio displays the products of the production company, which range from commercials to photography. The biography also lists a budget as a starting point for potential customers and includes the production company’s accolades as social proof.

If your business uses a branded hashtag, you may mention it in your bio to make it easy for customers to read your content and any user-generated content (UGC) you’ve acquired. If you have a lot to say about your company, using emojis and line breaks may make your biography easier to read.

As an example, the Instagram bio for @thetravelingcounselor_ contains a number of important details about the area of expertise, services, and contact information for the travel business. The bio uses travel-themed emojis to break up the language and make it simpler to read.

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Your Instagram Bio Link

You could link to your home page, but it’s usually a better idea to link to a mobile-friendly landing page created just for Instagram users. You can then point readers to the important sources you’ve cited in your articles, films, or stories by doing this.

If you don’t want to build your own Instagram landing page, there are many third-party apps to choose from. While Linktree allows you to customize text-based linkages, SproutLink reflects your Instagram grid and incorporates hyperlinks.

For instance, click on the @publicstorage bio link on Linkin. bio takes the user to a landing page with a top-level resource list. Through the landing page, which matches the account’s Instagram grid below, users may access external resources pertinent to each post.


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