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Bitlife Hacks: Tips and Tricks to Beat the Game (2022)

Bitlife is a simulation game that lets users live their ideal lives. Depending on how they wish to play the game, players can take the form of anyone from a Monk to a Rockstar. However, progressing through the game might occasionally become tiresome. If you work too hard, money can be hard to come by and enjoyment can disappear rapidly. So, how do you advance in the game without losing everything? Obviously with a little assistance from our Bitlife cheats, tips, and tricks. You may easily go through the game with the aid of our Bitlife cheats.

How Can I Make a Ton of Money in Bitlife?

bitlife hacks

Bitlife has a significant financial component. There is no joy in the game without money. Players also require it for daily activities like going to the gym or receiving a massage. However, gamers who wish to travel the world in Bitlife will require a lot of cash. In this game, vacations, homes, and cars may be very pricey. So, how do you quickly accumulate wealth in this game? Here are a few Bitlife tips, cheats, and strategies.

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Best Tips, Tricks, & Cheats to Use in The Bitlife App

For Android and iOS devices, the text-based life simulation game BitLife is incredibly popular. It is predicated on the idea that you can live a real life in a virtual environment. Your story will unfold based on the decisions you make if you don’t start living your life as you would in the real world. You can decide whether you want to be a boy or a girl, develop your career preferences as you get older, meet and marry the person you love, and fully live your life.

Earnings in Bit Life

bitlife hacks

How to make money in the game is one of the first things to learn. It goes without saying that you won’t be able to make money until you borrow it from your parents young. The wealthier parent will offer you more, but if they are not very giving, they might not part with it.

Study hard

Make sure you choose the “study harder” option each year as you progress through your academic career. By doing this, you improve your chances of receiving a scholarship and avoiding a sizable student loan. Also, you’ll land a better job.

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Get an offer

Make sure you don’t purchase a property that will force you to take on a mortgage you can’t afford. Buy cheaply and then sell the asset for a profit. Unless, of course, you contract a disease that is invisible…


Real-life lottery winning is incredibly unlikely. But BitLife’s chances of winning the lottery are better. So, trying isn’t harmful.

View your statistics

Watch your statistics. They will be impacted by whatever you do. Make sure they remain green at all times.

Marry an elderly person

bitlife hacks

Your happiness stat will temporarily drop if you marry a senior. But when they inevitably pass away, you’ll collect a lot of money. It is a simple ruse to earn some extra money.

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Best Advice for The Game Bit Life

  • Have a clear objective in mind from the start of each person’s existence. Finding your goals as you go may not seem like a huge deal, but this might be detrimental to you. Knowing straight away gives you time to plan, which is the greatest method to attain your objectives.
  • Spend some time every year. Rushing through life might make it simple to overlook brief but crucial opportunities. If your character takes swimming lessons when they are young, for instance, they are less likely to drown as adults if they crash a boat.
  • When they are life, check out the challenges. When you first begin playing BitLife, these might not seem like a significant concern. However, they offer a quick and cost-free way to acquire exclusive accessories.
  • Learn about the various nations and what they have to offer. For instance, if you are a UK resident and want to act in Hollywood, you must immigrate.
  • Never be afraid to visit groups like the BitLifeApp subreddit on Reddit when you are stuck on a particular aspect of gaming, whether it be a specific difficulty or a certain objective. These kinds of communities are fantastic resources for help and guidance.
  • If a character isn’t striving for a challenge, don’t get too caught up in repeatedly beginning over in their lives. The individual you’re playing with could not have the qualities you need, like luck, to achieve your objective.
  • If your character has the money, don’t be afraid to enter the lottery. Although it’s a long shot, it’s a great way to spice up your games if you’re financially secure.
  • Determine the game’s risk. This is especially true if you don’t have any clear objectives for your life. For instance, if you want to shoplift but don’t want to be a total criminal, think about the hazards involved before making your choice.

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