Home Entertainment Bling Empire Recap & Review – Will There Be a Second Season?

Bling Empire Recap & Review – Will There Be a Second Season?

Bling Empire Recap & Review – Will There Be a Second Season?

Are you a fan of the show Bling Empire? In this recap and review, we’ll be discussing whether or not there will be a second season. We’ll also discuss what happened in the first season as well as our thoughts on it. If you’re looking for an opinion on whether or not there will be a second season, then this is the article for you! Keep reading to find out more about our thoughts on the show and if we think there should be another one. Read More Here!

Bling Empire, which follows some of Los Angeles’ wealthiest Asians, has joined Netflix’s wide and an increasing number of reality series. This program has everything you’d expect from a show with this theme – vast estates, opulent parties, salacious gossip, Paris shopping trips, and lots of jewelry.


Bling Empire – Plot Recap & Review

At the start of the event, model Kevin Kreider establishes the tone by stating that he always considered it to be a fantasy until he met his millionaire buddy Kane Lim. “They’ve got the world at their fingertips,” Kevin exclaims as he parties, talks, and jets about with Kane and his wealthy entourage.

Christine Chiu, a socialite, and philanthropist clashes with Anna Shay, an even wealthier woman who claims in one episode that she can’t compete with what she was born into. The tumultuous connection between entrepreneur Kelly Mi Li and her actor-boyfriend Drew is a hot topic among the group. Cherie Chan, who is perplexed as to why her five-year-long partner has yet to propose marriage, is looking forward to the arrival of her second kid, for whom she can’t wait to have photoshoots in Hermes bags and boxes.

Some of the cast members’ actions are described as ostentatious, costly, and over-the-top. A claw machine with Gucci bags and a Botox bar are among the one-year-old birthday celebration numerous activities, while another called Keep it tight offers a restorative massage. What should you do if a youngster is visiting an heiress and there are no toys for them to play with?

Diamonds, after all, are always there! There are unplanned birthday lunches in Paris, as well as private jets to take the wealthy on shopping excursions to Las Vegas, in addition to an endless supply of activities.

Bling Empire is a hit among kids, who enjoy the game’s colorful visuals and easy controls. While it has some fun to it, Bling Empire excels in its attempts to delve into culture and identity with its all-Asian cast, which is unusual for a program of this kind. DJ Kim Lee’s desire to reconnect with her father, a Korean war veteran who has been missing for years and maybe in danger, is one of the episode’s more emotional scenes. There’s also talk of authoritarian, tradition-bound Asian families, unhealthy relationships, and homesickness.

Kane shouts to a group of people with a confederate flag in Charleston, “The Asians are here!” perhaps the series’ best sequence. We’ve come to buy your house! While there is a certain amount of gold in the show’s theme about culture, identity, and heritage, the message regarding culture, identity, and roots is mostly overshadowed by the bling.

Bling Empire is a short series with only eight episodes. There may be a lot of wealthy people’s concerns, as well as a ton of glitter, sparkle, and frivolities, but the program is fantastic.

Bling Empire – A Love Triangle

According to Instagram, Kelly has a love triangle with two suitors- Kevin and Andrew Gray, her ex-boyfriend who split up in March 2021. Finally, after a passionate discussion with Kevin, Kelly confesses her love for him.

According to the show’s EP, it isn’t over. I m not sure if Kevin will be able to replace them. God willing, we’ll be able to continue telling these stories and find out how it ends together because I’m just as interested as the next person Jenkins remarks.

What Happened In The Bling Empire’s Ending?

Viewers are just as interested in finding a solution to the season’s major issues as the cast of Bling Empire is. For one, Kelly returns to her on-again, off-again lover Andrew’s place at the end of the season, after a lot of ups and downs. (Though Kane tells ET, Maybe season 2, we might see another split, but the pair is supposedly still together in real life.)

Then there’s Kim, who has been looking for her biological father all season. However, during Cherie Chan’s 100-Day Celebration, she appears to make a connection with Kevin. Christine and her husband, Dr. Gabriel, can’t wait to find out if they’re expecting another kid.

The Bling Empire- When Is Season 2 Returning?

Nonetheless, the COVID-19 emergency management is perplexing. Despite the fact that contamination rates have been coming down (according to the CDC), an unanticipated flood might necessitate further delays. There’s also the issue of transportation, which Kane Lim, played by Kane Lim, has pointed out as something he must do more of.

Both Sunset and Bling Empire have been renewed for new seasons!

I’m sure there are people out there who believe Chrishell’s house should be featured in a crossover with Anna. pic.twitter.com/MGDgvs6cYK

Netflix (Netflix) will be available on March 10, 2021.

There’s currently no word on when Season 2 of Bling Empire will begin airing. Season 1 premiered in January 2021, and just a few months later, season 2 was announced. A new season of a Netflix series takes around a year to come out. For now, our best guess is that Season 2 of Bling Empire will premiere in mid-2022.

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