california cannabis seeds

California Cannabis Seeds: Is It Legal in California to Purchase and Grow Cannabis Seeds?

Where can I buy marijuana seeds in California? This could be a query that sends a lot of growers—both experienced and novice—down the rabbit hole of Google.

Let’s examine your possibilities for purchasing cannabis seeds in California. We’ll discuss some of the best strains for the conditions, many of which have roots in the emerald triangle itself, whether you’re seeking to start your first outdoor grow or have an established greenhouse.

There is a seed bank ready to deliver, whether you want to take on a new challenge in your cannabis journey or you just want to avoid some of the higher California dispensary expenses.

Is It Legal in California to Purchase and Grow Cannabis Seeds?

california cannabis seeds

Californians witnessed the passage of Proposition 64 in 2016, which made cannabis use for recreational purposes legal in the state. Adults in California are now perfectly permitted to grow marijuana and cannabis seeds, transport them, and utilize them for personal purposes.

Since the initial effort at marijuana legalization, Proposition 19, in the 1970s, California has been a leader in the legalization of marijuana.

California later became the first US state to legalize medical marijuana in 1996 with Proposition 215, although falling short by almost two-thirds of the vote. There are currently well over a thousand medicinal marijuana dispensaries in California.

However, growing for commercial use is subject to rules and license requirements set by the government. Local authorities have intensified their efforts to persuade existing commercial growers to get permits for these uses since the legalization of recreational usage.

Is marijuana legal in California? is a question you might have. The world is, so to speak, your oyster as a recreational grower, and many cannabis seed companies, like Homegrown Cannabis Co., will be pleased to covertly (and legally) bring marijuana seeds to your door in California.

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Is indoor versus outdoor growing preferable?

There’s a good reason California produces the majority of the cannabis that’s now available in most US dispensaries: the state’s extensive growing and harvesting seasons are ideal for outdoor monster crops that provide exceptional yields.

Whatever the motivation, some growers would prefer an indoor setup. While the expense may be out of reach for some, the increased output per square meter is alluring to producers with limited room. Due to the stricter growing conditions and improved batch consistency, indoor farmers are a popular choice among dispensaries in California.

External Growing

Best practices and the climate

california cannabis seeds

Great flavor profiles are also influenced by the clean coastal air, and many people believe that California’s outdoor cuisine is the finest in class in this area. You can order your seeds from mid-February to April and start germination at the end of April because of the moderate weather on the west coast.

You should move your seedlings outside from early May to the end of June, and by the middle of August, they should be prepared for their first pruning.

You could harvest as late as mid-November, but with a few caveats. Growing outside isn’t always as carefree as one may think, therefore there are some important things to take into account.

Places to Plant

Choose a location in your garden that receives at least 7 hours of light every day and early morning sun. Consider erecting a gazebo or tarp to cover the plants in case of heavy rain, even though some might consider it “cheating.”

Even while it might seem counterproductive, excessive rain might saturate the soil and prevent the plant from absorbing all of the nutrients you’re giving it. This makes a location with good soil drainage and possibly even some rain covering preferred.

Additionally, keep taking mind that some strains can become very tall when grown outside. You might need to hold the branches once they are loaded down with cola to keep them from breaking off before harvest.

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California’s top strains for growing

variants like Gorilla Glue #4 and the perennially famous Sour Diesel Feminized seeds When provided with the right nutrients and care, feminized seeds grow well outdoors on the west coast. You can very much choose any strain you’d like to start with and have an outside grow underway by the following April thanks to internet cannabis seed vendors.

Indoor Agriculture

california cannabis seeds

Although there are many benefits to growing outdoors, some growers may find that their particular crop is better suited to an indoor setup or greenhouse.

The world is your oyster when it comes to selecting your next batch of marijuana seeds in California for indoor growth. In addition to being wonderful options, Blue Dream Feminized, White Widow Feminized, and Purple Kush Feminized are also hardy, which makes your life that much simpler.

There are many advantages to growing plants indoors, including protecting your plants from the elements like wind and heavy rain. But heed the warning. Some growers do not particularly like the cheesy smell that some strains emit when they have fully bloomed.

You have a lot of options if you’re growing inside and have the right setup, plus you may start seed germination the same day you get your seeds.

While some growers prefer the hands-off nature of growing outdoors, an indoor grow enables you to grow your preferred strain no of the season or the state of the weather.

Why not try that Amnesia Kush Feminized or another high-THC kind like Moby Dick Regular for real this time?

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Where in California Can I Purchase Cannabis Seeds?

Since marijuana is legal in California, you are welcome to choose from the many brick-and-mortar stores and online seed banks that are available. The weather in California makes it even more pleasurable to cultivate outside, so weed users are in a great position to grow as they choose.

Remember that good seeds make for good weeds, and if you choose a superb photoperiod plant, you may be able to proliferate it for a very long time.