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Call the Midwife Season 11 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch

Call the Midwife Season 11 Release Date, Cast & Where To Watch

It’s only a matter of time before Season 11 of the critically acclaimed series Call the Midwife debuts on PBS. The next season continues where the Christmas special left off, with the wedding of Lucille and Cyril (Leopold Elliot and Zephryn Taitte) encountering some difficulties on Boxing Day. Once again, Nonnatus House’s team of nurses, midwives, and nuns will take center stage as the show celebrates its tenth anniversary.

With Lucille and Cyril finally settling down in the late 1960s, Season 11 takes the Nonnatus House team back to the Easter parade and the Eurovision song contest of that era. Nancy (Megan Cusack) will sport the red cardigan for the first time in the upcoming season after passing her midwifery exams. In addition, the Season 10 finale’s dramatic train disaster will be explored in the next episodes. On March 20th, all of this will be exposed over the course of eight episodes, which will be released each week until May 8th.

In addition to PBS.org and the PBS Video App, you can also view the new season of Call the Midwife. On the PBS website, you can also learn more about PBS Passport, which allows you to watch episodes a week before they air.

When will season 11 air?

The first episode of the show, which premiered in the UK in January, will screen in the US on PBS Masterpiece on March 20, 2022, at 8 p.m. EST.

When will season 11 of Call the Midwife be released on Netflix?

Our best guess is that it will arrive in late 2022 or early 2023 at the earliest.

Call the Midwife Season 11

Previously aired seasons have been available on Netflix 11 months after they aired on BBC. In the United States, the first aired on PBS. As with the previous two seasons, we can expect Season 11 to arrive on Netflix sometime around December 2022, but it’s more likely that it will debut in January or February 2023.

In any case, you can count on us to keep you informed when a new season is announced.

What to expect from Season 11

The stars of Nonnatus House have promised that the show’s upcoming season will be full of surprises for the show’s female characters.

Trixie Franklin’s actress Helen George hinted at the possibility of a romance for Nonnatus’s longest-serving nurse. George referred to Matthew Aylward (played by Olly Rix), a widower whose wife died of terminal cancer in season 10 Trixie helped care for his newborn son “There are a lot of challenges ahead. First and foremost, they’re just buddies who have formed a support system for each other. I believe it takes them a long time to… One of those things that everyone else may notice around them before they do.” That “deep-set time they shared together” has unearthed something in each of them, she said.

However, George also hinted that the duo will share a kiss in the upcoming season, joking about the awkwardness of filming a kiss in the era of pandemic precautions. She described how “a man comes along with a little spray and a window wipe, and wipes down the spit after everyone takes” as the pair “became masters at kissing through Perspex.”

Also, producer Heidi Thomas’ husband, Stephen McGann, who plays Dr. Turner, hinted at a huge narrative for all of the characters in season 11. “It’s enormous, it’s brilliant, and it’s a genuine challenge,” he remarked. “It’s a departure, I believe, for those who follow the show. What a change! It’s a tall order. It has an impact on everyone in some way. It involves everyone. It annihilates. That’s fantastic. It also demonstrates how to keep going with this and keep coming up with new stories to share.”

To this Thomas agreed, subtly stating that Nonnatus House’s residents would find the plot difficult (rather than the threats the building itself has faced in recent seasons.)

Each season of the show is based on a specific year, so we have a general notion of what the show’s challenges will be based on these historical events. Abortion was legalized in 1967, while the Sexual Offences Act 1967 decriminalized “homosexual conduct” between adult men, which could be used as material for the show’s storylines. Call the Midwife has a history of handling difficult topics, so there’s little surprise that some of these difficulties will be on display.

Call the Midwife Season 11 Cast

The cast of Call the Midwife also features Jenny Agutter (The Railway Children), Annabelle Apsion (Shameless), Olly Rix (The Spanish Princess), Linda Bassett (East Is East), Ella Bruccoleri (The Last Kingdom), Helen George (Hollyoaks), Georgie Glen (Waterloo Road), Daniel Laurie (The Dark Tower), Laura Main (Monarch of the Glen), Stephen McGann (Emmerdale), Judy Parfitt (Little Dorrit), Cliff Parisi (EastEnders), Fenella Woolgar (Bright Young Things), and Vanessa Redgrave (Atonement) providing the voice of the mature Jennifer Worth.

Call the Midwife Season 11 FAQ

How can I watch Call the Midwife season 11?

On March 20, 2022, PBS will air the 11th season of Call the Midwife. Up to 30 days after the season finale, all 11 episodes of The 100 will be streamable at the same time as they air on television.

Will there be an 11th season of Call the Midwife?

Season 11 of the critically acclaimed Call the Midwife will be broadcast on PBS on September 15, 2015. This season, which begins on March 20, starts off precisely where the Christmas Special episode left off in December 2021.

How many seasons will there be of Call the Midwife?

The show’s contract has been extended till 2024.

Until at least 2024, supporters may be confident that they’ll be able to keep up with the Poplar midwives’ antics through seasons 12 and 13.

Is Call the Midwife coming back in 2022?

In 2022, one of PBS’s most beloved and successful dramas, CALL THE MIDWIFE, will return for a new season. Insight into the diverse world of midwifery is provided by this series, which centers on the nurses, midwives, and nuns of Nonnatus House in post-World War II London.

Is there a new season for Call the Midwife?

Season 11 of Call the Midwife will air on March 20. The first episode’s official synopsis is here: The series resumes in the spring of 1967, when Nonnatus House is preparing for an Easter bonnet parade in celebration of the holiday.

Where can I watch call the midwife season 11 in Australia?

“Call the Midwife – Season 11” is currently available on Foxtel Now, BINGE, and iTunes for streaming or download.