Home Celebrities “The Flash” Actress Candice Patton Turns 34 On 24 June : Her Most Famous Movies & Many More Updates!

“The Flash” Actress Candice Patton Turns 34 On 24 June : Her Most Famous Movies & Many More Updates!

“The Flash” Actress Candice Patton Turns 34 On 24 June : Her Most Famous Movies & Many More Updates!

Kristina Patton, an accomplished American TV actress, will turn 34  On this Friday, (June 24, 2022). Despite using Candice Patton as her stage name, her true name is more well-known. People consider her to be talented after learning how many shows she has appeared in.

Patton, a stunning woman with a perceptive attitude, is also attractive. The Flash, Supergirl, The Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow are Candice’s top television shows, according to viewers.

Batwoman, Entourage, and Man Up! are also favorites. The actress has appeared in movies such as Commander and Chief and The Guest.

For her contributions to the cinema industry, Patton has received numerous nominations and awards. Nine times for her work on the television program The Flash, she received nominations for Teen Choice Awards.

Patton, however, did not succeed. The actress received the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress on TV for her performance on The Flash when the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films in the United States handed out honors in 2017. She was shortlisted for three other awards in addition to the one for which she was nominated.


Full Name Candice Patton
Birthday June 24, 1988
Age in 2021 32 years old (in 2021)
Nickname Candice
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Birth Place Jackson, Mississippi, United States
Home Town Jackson, Mississippi, United States


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Candice Patton Movies:


  • The Flash (TV Series)
    Iris West-Allen / Iris West / Millie Foss
  •  2021 She Dreams at Sunrise (Short) (voice)
  •  2019 Batwoman (TV Series)
    Iris West-Allen

    – Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two (2019) … Iris West-Allen
  •  2017 DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (TV Series)
  •  2017 Arrow (TV Series)
    Iris West
  •  2017 Supergirl (TV Series)
    Iris West

  •  2015 Con Man (TV Series)

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Less Known Facts

  • Became an Actress Because of Lucille Ball


Patton first developed an interest in acting when she was a little girl, just like many performers and actresses. Her obsession with Lucille Ball, however, gave her the motivation she required to take her aspirations seriously. If you’re not familiar with the name, Lucille Ball was an American actress and comedian best known for developing the sitcom I Love Lucy. She later became the first woman to lead a major TV production company, Desilu Productions, which produced Mission Impossible and Star Trek.

  • Made Ends Meet By Working at Restaurants

Again, Patton shares a trait with a lot of performers and actresses in that she had odd jobs to support herself as an actor in the beginning. She spent exactly two days at Bubba Gump before leaving midway through training because she didn’t want to memorize every variety of shrimp, although she did manage to last for around a year at Pink Berry.

Fortunately for Patton, she began landing enough acting gigs that she could support herself with them, even though she had to live modestly for a very long time before she finally broke through.

  • Has Appeared In More Than One Superhero Show


Patton has had other superhero-related TV roles before Iris West. She instead played a supporting character named Olivia in the television series Heroes, which aired on NBC from 2006 to 2010 for four full seasons.

The fact that neither Olivia nor Iris West possesses superpowers is an amusing coincidence, but nobody has ever been stopped from engaging in superhero antics in a setting modeled after a comic book.

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  • Avoids Craft Services

When she is working on a set, Patton has admitted that she prefers to spend as little time as possible at craft shops.

Her justification is straightforward: she would like someone to bring her a vegetarian plate filled with items like avocados, bell peppers, carrots, cucumbers, and hummus so she won’t be tempted by something less nutritious like cinnamon pastries.

  • Is a Dog Person

Intriguingly, Patton has claimed that she is gradually coming to value cats more, but for the time being, she still firmly believes in the value of dogs.

She hopes to be able to commit to being a full-time dog owner at some point in the future when things calm down to some amount, but she is disappointed that her career, with all of the traveling, prevents her from doing so right now.

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