Home Technology Chipotle Hacks: How To Get 86 Percent More Chipotle Burrito — for Free

Chipotle Hacks: How To Get 86 Percent More Chipotle Burrito — for Free

Chipotle Hacks: How To Get 86 Percent More Chipotle Burrito — for Free

Sometimes, TikTok resembles the Wild West. For better or worse, it has emerged as the preferred channel for the dissemination of knowledge, particularly when it comes to food. We appreciate some of the interesting discoveries made there, such as when people began folding tortillas in a certain manner to prevent items from spilling out. We’ve been baffled by a few trends, like when people started inducing diarrhoea by consuming a lot of frozen honey. However, nothing makes us happier than TikTok videos showing how to cut costs on fast food.

Hannah Hutson, a user who goes by the handle @hannahhuts, claims to have discovered a way to get a $2 burrito from Chipotle, which is a significant discount given that in Chicago, a Chipotle burrito can start at about $8.50. This TikTok hack may be significant. The video is available here.

How to Get Chipotle Burritos for Less

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In the video, Hutson gives advice while eating a burrito, with the caption “LIFE HACK FOR WHEN UR HUNGRY AND A LIL BROKE!! Ordering a pinto bean (additional beans) and cheese burrito at Chipotle will cost you literally $1.94 and slap you. It’s a bean and cheese burrito, which is all right. I enjoy those. But above all, it’s a bargain. A bean and cheese burrito at my neighbourhood Taco Bell costs $2.19, and those are relatively tiny items.

According to Hutson, who spoke to Fox News, she enjoyed bean and cheese burritos as a child and continues to order them as an adult, occasionally out of need. When I truly didn’t have money for meals, she stated, “These burritos have rescued me a few of times.” “They’re satiating with good protein, therefore I want to assist anyone in a comparable situation,” the person said.

She emphasises one restriction: For the hack to function, orders must be placed in person. You can’t order a burrito with only two ingredients using the app. Evidently, many who left comments on the TikTok video claimed to be aware of this attack. I do that with cheese and rice, one of them remarked. This may be significant. I walked over to a Chipotle near the office to see if I might benefit from this supposedly magical trick because the sceptic in me couldn’t trust that it would work.

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Does the Chipotle Hack for Tik Tok Work?

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When I entered Chipotle, the restaurant was experiencing a lunchtime surge, and the line moved quickly. I placed a single, straightforward order for a burrito loaded with two orders of pinto beans and cheese, and the two workers who were putting my lunch together gave me shocked stares.

Beans and cheese? a person questioned. “Is that it?” I blinked. They said, “Okay,” sounding as though I had already prepared myself for disappointment. I was shocked to see that an employee had written “Veggie” in large, strong characters on the foil wrapping of my burrito at the register. Consequently, the clerk charged me for a full veggie burrito, which was an outrageous $8.60 even though it only had beans and cheese in it. In fact, I felt let down.

Additionally, the burrito itself wasn’t that large. As you can see, it’s a one-handed burrito rather than the standard baby-sized burrito from Chipotle. However, appearances were deceiving—this thing was physically hefty, what with the full-sized tortilla and a generous double quantity of beans within.

The cheese gave the filling some much-needed richness and helped to break up the monotony of the beans. However, until recently, I was unaware of how bland the pinto beans are. Since the beans are typically one of many savoury components that go into a burrito or bowl, I’m thinking that most people are unaware of this. Salsa, for example, does the bulk of the work in terms of taste and spice.

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Don’t Take Any Tik Tok Food Hack at Face Value

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In the end, even though it needs a splash of hot sauce, I could easily understand the appeal of a bean and cheese burrito from Chipotle. At least at a $2 price range, I might understand the appeal. You would be receiving a fantastic, almost exceptional bargain for that cost. But it makes no difference.

The hack was unsuccessful. Since I had already paid the entire cost of the burrito, I could have added more salsa, vegetables, or anything else with flavour. This stuff would have tasted better with any additive. That this hack didn’t work for me makes me very sad. Hutson never gave instructions on how to order it, so hell, maybe I got it incorrectly. My gut feeling is that you can actually pull it off, either by expressly asking for the sides and tortilla and putting them together yourself or by putting on your natural charm and charisma and specifically asking that the employee ring up this order as two sides (you can do it!).

Hey, I only received two scoops of beans and some cheese in this thing, I could have gently pushed at the manager, but I also wanted to test this trick. It’s not as straightforward as the TikTok video suggested. TikTok may be a pretty amusing platform, but sometimes that’s all it is. Sometimes trying something out for yourself is the best way to find out whether it works or not, especially when users are filling the platform with questionable advice. Unfortunately, I literally paid the price in this instance.