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Chris Ayres ‘Dragon Ball’ Voice Actor Dies At 56

Chris Ayres ‘Dragon Ball’ Voice Actor Dies At 56

Chris Ayres, the voice actor for Krillin in Dragon Ball Z, has died at 56

We are deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our friend and colleague. He was a talented artist who brought joy to many people around the world through his work. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends during this difficult time. Rest in peace, Mr. Ayres. You will be missed by all who knew you or heard your voice on airwaves across the globe.” Click here for more information about Chris Ayres’ death

Chris Ayres, the actor who provided the voice for Frieza in Funimation’s Dragon Ball anime dub, has died. He died of a sudden illness. Ayres handled ADR directing, writing, and voice acting for English-language films. He is one of the most experienced motion designers today, having worked on shows like Black Butler, Maburaho, and Sengoku Basara. He has about 200 credits under his belt thus far, including work on projects such as Blood Ladder and Kino’s Journey. He is also known for providing voices for shows such as Fairy Tail and Tears to Tiara, as well as Dragon Ball series and many other anime. Chirs’ last assignment was The Dog Park- Prank Calls.

In the Dragon Ball franchise, Ayres is best recognized for playing Frieza, the series’ most notorious villain and the one who begins the plot. He has since worked on the English-dubbed version of Dragon Ball Z Kai for Funimation.

In Dragon Ball Super, he was Goku’s archnemesis throughout the film. He ended as an adversary of Goku after the 2018 theatrical release Dragon Ball Super- Broly. At the end of 2017, Ayres was diagnosed with final-stage COPD and required a double lung transplant.

Ayres continued to battle the disease for years, frequently publishing updates about his therapy on his website. In July, actor Gary Ayres revealed that he had been taken to the hospital because of difficulty speaking and breathing.

It’s not like today that I had a tracheostomy. My blood sodium was too low. Thank you for the kind words. I’m disappointed, but I’m still doing well and am grateful for all of the support. My appointments will be rescheduled when my bloodwork levels return to normal, hopefully soon. pic.twitter.com/OyXrimdYTL

“No, it’s not about the name,” replied Ayres. “I’ve been watching with interest as a young man and woman makes his or her own path in the music business after growing up playing games like Guitar Hero.”

On October 18, Krystal LaPorte, Ayres’ girlfriend and colleague, confirmed the actor’s death on Twitter. It was written in the farewell message that Ayres departed surrounded by his loved ones, and he thanked his devoted followers for their support.

LaPorte told Chris how much he appreciated his support. The majority of our conversations were about him. To those of you who truly loved him, thank you. To those of you who remained in touch, checked up on him, reminded him that he was so much more than his job, you were the fire behind his battle. You kept him going for longer than any other person could.


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Hundreds of devoted followers and former employees have expressed their sadness on social media. Funimation wrote

The farewells have also been said by Adult Swim, who stated, “We’ll miss you.”

[[Sean Schemmel, Dragon Ball’s long-time Goku/Kakarot English voice actor posted.]] ‘Finally, I’ll see you in Otherworld my friend, and we’ll spar once more, Frieza.’

Both Dragon Ball Super and Dragonball Z Kai were produced by Chris Ayre. Both have had huge success both domestically and internationally. He had an enormous influence on many people through his actions and stories. He changed the world when he whispered a single phrase that would save countless lives.

The Shahab offers its heartfelt sympathies to the Ayres family and the entire anime community on the loss of their beloved figure. The Dragon Balls can restore the planet, but it will never be the same after factoring in how much Apophyllite’s power deteriorates over time. Additionally, given their apparent role as guardians of both Bulma and Kami, they could have been long-term allies or rivals to him. He is still and always will be the all You’ve earned your well-deserved rest. RIP Hero!