Home News Chris Pratt on His Beliefs In A “Very Real God”: “I’m Not A Religious Person!”

Chris Pratt on His Beliefs In A “Very Real God”: “I’m Not A Religious Person!”

Chris Pratt on His Beliefs In A “Very Real God”: “I’m Not A Religious Person!”

The actor Chris Pratt stated last week in an interview that he is not religious and refuted claims that he has ever attended Hillsong Church.

When questioned about remarks he made at the MTV Movie & TV Awards as the recipient of a Generation Award in 2018, Pratt made the statements in an extensive interview with Men’s Health magazine. “God exists. You are loved by God, Pratt remarked. God desires the very best for you.

“Perhaps it was arrogance. I’m not sure if I touched somebody for me to stand up on stage and speak the things that I did, he said. For a very long time, religion has been oppressive as f***. I had no idea that while not being religious, I would essentially take on the role of the face of religion.

I believe there is a difference between being religious—adhering to the traditions established by man, frequently taking the reverence reserved for who I believe to be a very real God—and using it to manipulate people, extract money from them, harm children, rob them of their property, or justify hatred. whatever it may be. The evil that exists in every man’s heart has attached itself to religion and joined the ride.

Pratt subsequently refuted rumors that he was a member of Hillsong Church, which has been marred by scandal in recent years, that surfaced a few years ago.

At the time, Pratt stated, “Recently, it has been advised that I attend a church that ‘hates a certain group of people and is infamously anti-LGBTQ. “Nothing is more false than this. I am a man who thinks everyone has the right to love whoever they choose without worrying about other people’s opinions.

When questioned about the omission of Hillsong Church from the statement, Pratt responded, “I’m going to, like, put a church under the bus? That would be different if it were like the Westboro Baptist Church.

He admitted, “I’ve never been to Hillsong.” “I haven’t actually visited Hillsong. I know nobody who attends that church.

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