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Cleaning Hacks: Leaning Hacks for Every Room in Your House

Vacuuming is a chore that many people dislike doing around the house. It is incredibly exhausting to imagine having to carry a vacuum cleaner around the house all day to clean every nook and cranny. Due to the rising pollution levels, you must vacuum your home at least once every week. As long as you know a few clever tricks to make your task simple, vacuuming doesn’t have to be as exhausting as you might assume. We thus provide five brilliant cleaning tips in this blog that will make vacuuming your home simple.

Before Vacuuming, Dust

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After vacuuming, many of us have the habit of dusting our homes. Cleaning the house after a vacuuming session, however, is more detrimental than beneficial. The reason is that dust particles collect on surfaces like books or blinds. These fall to the floor since they can’t be picked up by a rug or duster. As a result, the vacuumed floor appears dirty, which is why you should dust the home first.

Hard to Get to Locations

The primary spots in a home where a lot of dust and filth collect are those that are difficult to reach. However, even using a vacuum cleaner to clean these regions is time-consuming and exhausting. It is challenging to reach these regions, even with the vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool. All you have to do to solve the issue is hold the folded toilet paper over the vacuum nozzle. This makes the connection flexible, making it simple to clean even the most difficult messes at home.


Due to frequent use, desktop keyboards gather a lot of dust and bacteria. However, the majority of us still clean our laptops and desktops the old-fashioned way, which leaves you open to a host of health issues. A squeeze ketchup bottle can be attached to the vacuum cleaner’s nozzle to make it simple to clean the keyboards. The dust particles on the keyboard are now easily removed thanks to the narrower space and stronger suction created by this


Most of us have the practice of spraying water on glass surfaces and wiping them when cleaning windows. The house is dirty all over after using this cleaning technique. Utilizing a vacuum to get rid of the dust and fur before cleaning the windows is the finest technique to clean glass. When cleaning the window, be sure to use the soft brush attachment.


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The aesthetic value of lamp shades is enhanced by their cleaning difficulty, which discourages many people from using them. When you dust the lampshades, the dust is dispersed throughout your house. You can clean the lampshades with a handheld vacuum cleaner rather than the conventional cleaning technique. With its built-in HEPA filter, the KENT Crystal Vacuum Cleaner reduces air pollution by minimizing dust emissions.


The most frequently overlooked areas when it comes to cleaning are drawers. Drawers should continue to be vacuumed on a regular basis. By doing this, the drawers will remain clean. Whether they are in the kitchen or the bedroom, these areas collect a lot of waste. They will become dusty and unclean if you store food or clothing in them. As a result, every family should practice frequent vacuuming.

Furniture and Mattresses

The traditional method of cleaning mattresses and furniture may cause dust to spread throughout the air, perhaps causing pollutants and dust mites to build up. The best cleaning method to use is vacuuming, which will guarantee that you live in a clean, dust-free, and spotless atmosphere. Experts also recommend flipping your mattress every few months to prevent premature wear and tear.

Colder Coils

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The space behind your refrigerator is one of the most overlooked areas of a home. The coils in the back of your refrigerator gather a lot of dust and are left forgotten for a very long time. The best method is to vacuum that region; this will keep the coils clear of dust and extend the life of your refrigerator.


An additional favorite device from the list! In reality, cleaning speakers is difficult. If you dusted them, dust would go inside the speakers. The most effective method for cleaning speakers is vacuuming. The surface and cords can be cleaned using the brush attachment. Cleaning the dust off speakers will prevent dirt and dust from being inserted into them.

The Conclusion

These cleaning tips will make your job easier. Utilizing a HEPA vacuum cleaner and the aforementioned tips will help keep your home germ-free and prevent health issues brought on by indoor air pollution. To discover more about KENT’s vacuum cleaners

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