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Custom Profile Picture for Netflix: How To Make a Bowl of Spaghetti and Meatballs Your Netflix Profile Picture

You may have heard of Netflix if you enjoy watching TV shows or films. It’s a fantastic streaming service that offers a huge selection of TV shows, movies, anime, documentaries, miniseries, etc.

Numerous gadgets support this service. It is accessible by a web browser on a computer or an application on a smart TV, a phone, a tablet, a video game console, or another device.

After logging in with your Netflix credentials, you can watch movies or TV series online. Shows can also be downloaded for later offline viewing. By the way, different Netflix plans range in price from $9.99 to $19.99 each month.

Up to five profiles can be created on a Netflix account, each with its own suggestions, preferences, and customizations. You are given a default profile photo by Netflix when you establish a profile, but you can choose another one from a list of Netflix-approved avatars. However, you are unable to select a unique image.

With the use of a browser plugin, we’ll demonstrate how to acquire a unique Netflix profile picture on your desktop.

How to Create a Custom Netflix Profile Picture

custom profile picture for netflix

Keep in mind that this method only affects the nearby area. Your profile photo won’t change on your phone or any other device, even though it will seem different for you on your browser. You can alter your Netflix profile photo for that, but you can’t use a custom image. For instructions, check our tutorial.

To get started, you must the “Custom profile photo for Netflix” Google Chrome browser plugin. Select Add Extension from the popup menu after clicking Add to Chrome in the Google Chrome Store.

After installation, you’ll be instantly redirected to the profile page in a new tab if you’re already logged into your Netflix account. If not, log into your account and, when prompted to choose a profile, stay on the profile page.

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Then, to upload a unique profile photo:

custom profile picture for netflix

Custom profile photos for Netflix may be found by selecting the Extensions icon in the top right corner of the Google Chrome tab.

Choose the profile from the Profile menu that you wish to modify in the Upload custom profile image box.

Click Select image next to Image. Your computer’s folders will be opened for you.
Find and choose the image file you wish to utilize before clicking Open. Make sure the image is under 5MB.

Once the image has been uploaded, you can reposition it using the icons in the Alignment box, which functions something like a cropping tool.

When the crop is perfect, click outside of the extension to end it. Reload the Netflix page to see your new, personalized profile photo.

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Adapt Netflix to Your Needs

custom profile picture for netflix

Netflix has a very little variety of profile pictures available. You can use any custom profile photo you like by following these simple instructions with a Google Chrome extension.

Now that your profile image is in order, you should think about the ideal browser for streaming Netflix.


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