Death On The Nile Sequel

Will There Be a Sequel to Death on the Nile? Release Date & Cast

Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot could return in a sequel to Death on the Nile. Here’s what you need to know about that possibility. After multiple delays, Death on the Nile opens in theatres two years after concluding filming in December 2019. Following the events of Murder on the Orient Express, famed detective Hercule Poirot is once again drawn into a murder investigation.

Death on the Nile finds Poirot leaving London behind for Egypt on holiday. As part of the wedding festivities for Simon Doyle (Armie Hammer) and Linnet Ridgeway (Gal Gadot), a wealthy heiress whom Poirot befriends and befriends back, he reunites with his old acquaintance Bouc (Tom Bateman). When someone is murdered, Poirot must get to the bottom of the mystery before the killer strikes again.

While Death on the Nile seemingly ends off its plot, there is possibility for a sequel with Poirot once more at the centre of another mystery. Branagh has so far directed and featured in two Agatha Christie adaptations – will he oversee another?

Death On The Nile Sequel: Will There Be A 3rd Poirot Movie?

There could be. After all, Hercule Poirot appears in 33 of Christie’s novels, so there is plenty of source material to chose from that may the

n be made into another film. That said, a sequel to Death on the Nile has not yet been confirmed and it’s uncertain if there will be one as of yet. Murder on the Orient Express was produced by 20th Century Fox, the studio that also greenlit the sequel. This was all before to Walt Disney Company’s acquisition of the studio (renamed 20th Century Studios) (renamed 20th Century Studios). If Death on the Nile is at least moderately successful, it’s feasible a sequel may materialise. Death in the Nile’s sequel was revealed only a few weeks after Murder on the Orient Express opened, so it’s safe to assume that a decision on a sequel will be made soon after the film opens in theatres.

What Stories Could Be Adapted for a Death on the Nile 2?

Death on the Nile 2 Release Date

As with Death on the Nile, Christie’s novel Evil Under the Sun might also be turned into a film or television series. The book follows Poirot on vacation in Devon, which would be a wonderful segue from the ending of Death on the Nile, which shows him trying to open his heart again. Mrs. McGinty’s Dead — which finds Poirot visiting a small village to investigate the death of the titular landlady — and The ABC Murders are additional possibilities. The second option would be an excellent approach to putting an end to the saga of Hercule Poirot. Before Branagh’s tenure, as Poirot comes to an end in The ABC Murders, he must face a new challenge: a serial killer who taunts him by leaving clues.

Who Could Return for Sequel to “Death on the Nile”?

Death on the Nile 2 Cast

The number of people who could return in Death on the Nile 2 has shrunk due to the deaths of five characters. Tom Bateman, who played Poirot’s companion Bouc, is unlikely to return after his tale concluded in Death on the Nile. Also, Linnet’s relatives, such as Ali Fazal (Ali Fazal), are highly unlikely to return after what they’ve been through because of Poirot’s involvement. Salome Otterbourne, Rosalie’s aunt and a jazz singer, was mentioned at the conclusion as a possible character return. Poirot was romantically intrigued in Salome and, like Bouc, it’s feasible she could make another appearance in a Death on the Nile sequel.

Death on the Nile 2: When Can We Expect It?

Death on the Nile was formally announced in November 2017, but production didn’t begin until September 2019, nearly two years later. The planned release date was October 9, 2020, but the film was delayed. Should Death on the Nile get a sequel and the announcement occurs within the next couple of months, it’s conceivable that another Poirot mystery may be released in the winter of 2025 at the earliest. It takes time to write, and chooses which of Agatha Christie’s novels to adapt, shoot, and edit the final result all at the same time. Even if a sequel isn’t delayed for another year now that studios are used to filming during the ongoing pandemic, it might still take another three years before the prospective sequel hits theatres.