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Desperate Housewives Season 9: Cancelled! Know Why?

Desperate Housewives Season 9: Cancelled! Know Why?

Have you heard the news? Desperate Housewives is coming to an end. The final season will air this fall, and it’s going to be a doozy! We’re talking major cliffhangers, shocking twists and turns, and a whole lot of drama. You won’t want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience. So don’t wait another minute – get your Season 9 DVDs now before they sell out! This is going to be the best season yet. Click here for more information about our DVD sets of Desperate Housewives Season 9 – Cancelled! Know Why?

The phrase “Desperate Housewives” should ring a bell for anybody who watches dramatic television. The series earned a following in the 2000s and rose to become one of the most-watched programs on ABC at the time. It was a tremendous power to be reckoned with, and it lifted ABC back toward the top after a lengthy period of decline due to its poor dramas. But, if the program was so popular, why didn’t it have a ninth season? Why, after all this time and effort by our staff to guess where the story would go in Season 8, do we still have no clue? Given the recent rating data, which demonstrated a significant rise in viewership, it’s clear that ABC must give an answer to this crucial question.

Housewives Season 8 Summary Recaps

The episode begins, as many had anticipated, with a look back at Mary Alice Young’s appearance on Wisteria Lane. Martha Huber, who is as nosy and enraged as I recall, welcomes her. Mrs. Huber soon discovers that her new neighbor is hiding valuable information, and as Mary Alice explains, it was the beginning of the conclusion.

Susan finally completes her explanation about leaving when another well-known face, Katherine Mayfair, returns to the serpents. It’s been confirmed that after escaping to Paris with her lesbian lover Robin in season six, Katherine said a final farewell to her girlfriend Robin shortly afterward when she realized she was, in fact, straight. Instead of sinking into herself, as spectators may recall that she frequently does later divorces, Katherine committed to working and started a successful frozen cake business, which she now needs Lynette to join.

After handing the keys to her house over to an apparently pleasant young mother, she drives one last loop around the area in her car. She is observed by the phantoms of Wisteria Lane Mike, Karen, Mary Alice, and other individuals who have withdrawn as she passes by. Her greatest secret is stowed away in a sealed box at her old house, where she takes refuge from the storm.

While the conclusion generally kept me interested, I was irritated to see all of the Wisteria Lane housewives depart for their fantastic (and infeasible) new homes. It would have been far superior if Desperate Housewives had ended on the prospect that friendship may go through it all. I’d want to see Susan, Bree, Gabby, and Lynette all go through terrible ends yet remain connected. What’s more, the scientific pursuits of their future activities appeared to be somewhat pointless. It’s possible that we passed on the opportunity to our creative minds.

That said, the notion that inside facts would continue to be exposed on Wisteria Lane, much like they have been throughout history, is appropriate and it’s a fantastic approach of generating a sense of continuity even now. To make matters worse, a conclusion like that might leave Desperate Housewives in the minds of viewers for an extended period of time.

Why Didn’t Season 9 of Desperate Housewives Happen?

Desperate Housewives Season 9

Why did the program series cancellation FURIOUS HOUSEWIVES, which was a breakout success for ABC, both in terms of appraisals and basic appreciation? The series, made by Marc Cherry, focused on the lives of a group of women through the eyes of their companion and neighbor, Mary Alice Young (Brenda Strong), as they attempt to balance domestic duties while also unearthing the murky mysteries that bubble below an ostensibly perfect rural community. The renowned Desperate Housewives cast of Teri Hatcher, Marcia Cross, Felicity Huffman, and Eva Longoria drove the show for its 180 episodes overall while also adding other outstanding supporting artists as necessary due to character deaths and different plot twists.

The first season, which focused on the tragic demise of Mary Alice, was a success right out of the gate. In excess of 21 million people watched the pilot episode, which was released in October 2004. The outstanding reviews would continue for the rest of the period, which reached a high of nearly 30 million watchers for the conclusion. For five seasons, the series was a main ten hit among global audiences, with also significant attention from across the world. Desperate Housewives has been recognized at the Emmys and Golden Globes on numerous occasions, yet it’s also been credited with helping ABC regain its trademark quality in the domain of pre-arranged series, as well as Lost and Gray’s Anatomy. What are the possible reasons why 9 will never happen?


It’s been announced that the final season of Frantic Housewives will premiere in 2020. Since Cherry didn’t need the series to exceed its already well-received audience, it was postponed until then. After considering his options with Paul Lee, the ABC leader at the time, Cherry announced that he had to conclude the series while it was still important for the firm. I needed to go out when the group recognized us as a viable show and a potential rival. From a creative standpoint, we thought this was the best opportunity. I have a wonderful feeling about it. Cherry added, as reported by TVLine. This is a standing that Cherry had maintained throughout his time as showrunner and primary maker of Desperate Housewives. He was as ahead of schedule as 2007, just a few years into the program’s run when he was discussing the relevance of bringing the series to a high point.

While it’s understandable that Cherry would need to avoid the exciting conclusion of other excellent series, such as Seinfeld and The X-Files, the decision to conclude with season 8 came as a shock to the cast. The series was expected to continue, with the organization in any case obtaining the show’s four key actors for another season. Despite the fact that it dropped gradually in the evaluations, averaging around 10 million views when it concluded in 2012, the program was popular all over the world and generated a decent income. The series’ total costs for season 7 have been calculated at $5.48 per episode, according to Variety. The rights to the classic British detective series, Sherlock from 2009-2011, were sold for a combined total of $10.4 million and resulted in just two distinct shows, American Idol and Two and a Half Men, making more money.

Apparently, the idea not to go ahead with season 9 was largely a creative decision. Desperate Housewives had the option to repair itself on account of its nearly anthological structure, which provided another wrongdoings to settle with each new piece. However, while that method works for an almost limitless number of new stories, it’s likely to end when it does. Because of the popularity of Netflix and famous TV, the series moved away from wireless communications, just as conventional society was changing due to the rise of Netflix and fame TV. Wisteria Lane’s residents would not have had the capacity to resist.

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