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DIY Hacks: DIY Life Hacks to Save Money, Time, and Organize Yourself

We weren’t so sure how creatively organizing our phone cables or repurposing cardboard boxes into new objects would actually improve our lives when the craze of discovering “life hacks” initially swept the Internet.

That is until we gave it a shot and discovered that even the smallest things that encourage organization in a cheap, upcycling-based fashion may have a large and very helpful impact! Since then, we’ve been researching a variety of strange life hacks and cost-effective methods for storing and safeguarding the little items in our homes.

Here are 50 of the coolest, most original ideas we’ve come across so far in our search, just in case you’re as captivated by the concept of organizational “life hacks” as we were!

Try These Life Tips

Whiteboard Life Hack

diy hacks

A stylish whiteboard that you can build on your own in a matter of minutes is the easiest method to keep track of everything you need to accomplish or buy. We have thorough instructions available for making your own, and we adore the final product.

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2. Simple Diy Life Tip

You might construct a rustic wooden memo board for yourself if you want to keep track of everything that needs to be done. You’ll have a really helpful tool in your home after a short period of time. Observe this tutorial.

3. Life-Saving Phone Diy Trick

You could certainly construct a phone holder if you always whine about your phone falling over but have never actually gone out to get one for yourself. What’s up? wine stoppers! Making this only requires a few minutes and the very minimum of expertise, and we are confident that you will succeed. Check out our simple guide!

4. Leather Strips in The Kitchen Life Hack

diy hacks

Make your own hanging holder for paper towels using a few leather strips, a stick, and the frustration that they are never where you need them. You may fairly easily follow our tutorial.

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5. Create a Wall Board with The Best Life Hacks

It might be challenging to keep track of everything with our lives being so hectic with school, jobs, social gatherings, sports, and other activities. To keep track of everything, create your own scheduling board. Come obtain our lesson because it’s quite simple to construct and looks fantastic.

6. Cleaning Your Microwave: Life Hacks for The Home

We are all aware of how much debris a microwave may accumulate and how unsanitary store-bought cleaning products can be. Therefore, why not create your own homemade, safe cleaning solution that will also leave your home smelling amazing? One lemon and some water are required. I’m done now. Click here to read the Homedit instruction!

7. Using a Ketchup Bottle as A Cooking Tool

diy hacks

It can be challenging to pour the ideal amount of pancake batter; you might have drips on your stove and counter, pour too much, and end up with pancakes that are too thick, etc. So instead of using a smaller bottle, why not use a larger one? RealSimple can teach you how to do this.

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8. Create a Table Hack

You need a crafting table if you enjoy crafting (and you should because it will make your life easier when you reuse things around you). We believe we should imitate the way the people at Homedit made it so simple.

9. Simple Diy Makeup Projects

It can be challenging to keep track of all your cosmetics, especially if you have to cram them all into a small drawer. Instead, we advise using a lovely magnet board and affixing magnets to your blush, powder, and eyeshadow cases. You don’t need to dig through the pile because you can see them all right now. Download the instruction from Cool Creativity.

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10. Diy Hack for Kitchen Organization

diy hacks

Have you ever opened a kitchen cabinet just to have a can of soup slide out, making your entire existence seem to vanish before your eyes? No matter how we arrange the cans—after all, our kids really like chicken soup—they always manage to tip over or occupy the entire shelf.

This is why we were pleasantly surprised to see this space-saving soup can storage solution from Then She Made that also upcycles a soda pop box once you’ve finished the soda!

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