fan hacks to keep cool

Fan Hacks to Keep Cool: Inventive Techniques to Beat the Summer Heat

Your worst nightmare comes true if you don’t have air conditioning and a heat wave is predicted. hot temperatures? humid, heavy air? Just to find some relaxation, it’s enough to make you consider having ice cream for dinner.
Fortunately, you are exempt from the heat. You need to repurpose your current fans in order to combat the heat. You only need a couple of other unbeatable hacks and some well-placed fans to start literally chilling.

1. Verify the Ceiling Fan’s Direction

fan hacks to keep cool

Whether your fan is cooling you down or just blowing hot air depends on which way the air is moving. In order to help blow cold air down during the hot months so you may enjoy the breeze while sipping ice-cold lemon water on the couch, the blades should rotate counterclockwise.
Pro tip: Cleaning your ceiling fan is also a good idea when changing the spin direction between seasons. When the air is clean and free of dust, even the warmest days feel better.

2. To create a crosswind, use two fans.

Create a cooling “one-two punch” by drawing cooler air in while drawing hot air out, just like a lucky island homeowner who is taking advantage of tradewinds.
To reduce glare during the day, close all windows and cover them with drapes or shades. Grab two basic fans and open your windows when the sun goes down. In the room, you want to be the coolest, position one fan so it is facing the window.
Then, direct a powerful airflow toward the first fan using a second fan. Place the second fan pointing inward and either direct airflow into the room you’re seeking to cool or in front of a second window to accomplish this. With this arrangement, stale, heated air is expelled, and fresh, cool air is introduced.

3. Make Use of the Design of Your Home

fan hacks to keep cool

With some experimenting, homeowners can use the design of their home to cool it. For example, tall windows can be quite helpful in expelling hot air from your house. Since hot air rises, you can position fans facing an open window as high off the ground as you can to help move warm air outside.
A two-story house is comparable. To keep your house cool, install fans upstairs towards open windows. As an alternative, putting room-darkening fabric to windows that aren’t open or on rooms in the house that are frequently exposed to the sun can help keep the sun’s hot rays outside.

4. Make an AC unit out of ice.

Put a spotless floor fan there (or as low as possible). Place a sizable bucket of ice in front of the fan. Another option is to use a big roasting pan. The ice melts when air is blown over it by the fan, which also drains the sweat from your skin and creates a cool, pleasant mist.
To help circulate cooler air, you can also freeze water bottles and set them in front of a fan. Another method to lower the temperature of the air moving in the house is to place a moist, cool cloth in front of or over the fan.

5. Make the Correct Fan Angle

fan hacks to keep cool

The best approach to stay cool isn’t to point the fan directly at you or anyone else you’re trying to keep cool, even if it can feel so nice to close your eyes and let the breeze hit you square in the face.
Angle your fans slightly upward to create a heat-lifting breeze that will keep you cooler for longer rather than allowing your body to absorb the cool air. You can restore and maintain comfort by directing your fan toward the wall across from you by allowing the air to bounce back and continue to circulate.

How to position a fan in a room

The majority of fans and air purifiers are designed to operate in single rooms. In order for the air to adequately circulate, the machine should be placed with at least a few feet of clearance on all sides.
Place your fan by your window, facing inside if the air inside is cooler than the air outside. By doing this, the colder outside air will be thrown in your direction, hastening the evaporation of your perspiration.
However, it’s definitely advisable to keep your windows closed and point the fan at your body as you sleep during the present hot. This makes it possible for the air to pass over your skin more quickly, hastening the process of perspiration evaporation.

Make sure it’s clean.

fan hacks to keep cool

As you used your fan, dust accumulated in the vents, on the blades, and even within the motor. Due to the device’s decreased efficiency, the air is not moved around as effectively.
Due to dust’s insulating qualities, your device is more likely to overheat, which increases the risk of a fire. Remove all of the dust from the blades and other surfaces of your fan.

Place an ice bucket next to it.

The purpose of your fan is to circulate the air in the space by drawing it in from the back and exhaling it from the front. As a result, the warmer air that is in contact with our skin is pushed away by the fan’s faster-moving air, keeping us cool.
As perspiration on our skin evaporates more quickly when there is the air around, it aids in making us feel cooler. Placing a basin of ice in front of your fan will help the air feel even COOLER. The steam will rise in front of the fan as it evaporates, creating a pleasant, cool breeze that is circulated throughout the space.