Super Bowl 2022

For the Super Bowl 2022 commercial, Taco Bell will have a Star

In a new Taco Bell ad scheduled to air during this Sunday’s (Feb. 13) Super Bowl LVI, Doja Cat shows off her rock ‘n’ roll side. Doja and Hole’s Courtney Love collaborated on the lyrics for the “Grande Escape” spot, which contains a glossy rendition of Hole’s 1998 glam-pop smash “Celebrity Skin.”

On Friday (Feb. 11), Taco Bell will release a unique in-app prize for fans to commemorate the release of the reworked “Skin,” which will be available on all music platforms. Users who join up for Taco Bell Rewards before the game’s 11:59 p.m. PT cutoff time will receive the unidentified reward.

Doja Cat, a rapper and pop singer, is the star of Taco Bell’s Super Bowl LVI ad, which features a clown motif and a clown-themed soundtrack. “So High,” a crossover R&B/hip-hop song, became a viral hit when a number of remixes went viral. Disagreement arose about the song’s use of stereotypical depictions of Asians in the lyrics.

In 2019, Doja Cat’s music began trending on TikTok, where users created viral dances to her songs like “Say So,” which boosted her popularity. When her 2021 album, “Planet Her,” dropped, it established the singer’s place in pop culture with even more songs like “Get Into It (Yuh)” and the throbbing, seductive “Woman.” Several Grammy nominations, including Record of the Year, were made for the album.

“Celebrity Skin” by Hole, which Doja Cat sang in Taco Bell’s Super Bowl ad, appears to have been released in conjunction with the ad campaign. She did the same thing last year when she sold Pepsi to the cast of “Grease.” You know you’ve hit the big time when you’re peddling Baja Blasts and Crunchwrap Supremes in a clown costume.

Doja Cat is a clown with cravings for a Baja Blast in Taco Bell’s Super Bowl LVI ad spot

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