Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

Free and Easy Cycling Hacks to Make Every Ride Better: Here Are 8 Tried-And-True Tips for Staying on Two Wheels and Cutting Costs This Season.

You may improve your bike skills by riding more and training harder. It’s not all about speed, though; every ride has room for improvement.

Use Two Layers of Bar Tape

Wrapping two layers of tape around your handlebars will reduce road noise significantly, making the ride much more comfortable for your hands.
Professionals have been using this strategy for years, especially while competing on the treacherous pavé at the Spring Classics.
Wrapping an old inner tube around your handlebars in place of tape will save you money without sacrificing performance.
Of course, you need to take the inner tube out and trim it to size before you can use it.

Don’t Eat Anything (much) Before Bed.

Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

Fitness expert and author Bob Harper says, “Denied sustenance for five hours, your body will start burning its own fat.”
That means that if you ate dinner at 8, you’ll be actively burning fat at 1 in the morning. Your body’s ability to create melatonin-enhancing hormones will also improve as a result of the reduction in glucose in your system.
Dr Allen Lim, a sports scientist and cycling coach, supports this idea, saying, “The top pros go to bed a little bit hungry.”
It has been said that if you go to bed feeling slightly hungry, you will lose about a pound per week.

Wear Light Colours if You Can.

Again, save this for when the sun (hopefully) returns. If you must bike while wearing dark colours, please do it only when temperatures are below freezing.
Instead of choosing darker colours, which will absorb the sun’s rays, lighter colours will reflect them.
The word “clothing” refers only to tops (jerseys, etc.), never bottoms. A cyclist should never wear white shorts.
Why? Because they reveal any grime immediately, even any leaks your body might decide to spring on you in the middle of a ride. Ewww…

Bring Sun Protection.

Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

While sun tans are attractive, they can quickly turn into painful sunburns if you spend too much time in the sun. Apply sunscreen before you hit the road, and bring extra along in case your perspiration washes it off.
One option to transport shampoo is in the miniature bottles commonly taken from hotel rooms (come on, admit it). A contact lens case is something else to consider (you can buy packs of four for less than a fiver on Amazon).
Place some sunblock in the left eye case and some lip balm in the right, and carry the whole thing around in your back pocket.

Inspire Yourself with The Help of Traffic Signals

When traffic lights are green, it’s great; when they turn amber, it’s terrible; and when they turn red, it’s garbage. Use them to your advantage by engaging in some quick sprints to increase your anaerobic fitness and burn off some extra fat.
If you see a set of lights ahead that are still green as you approach them, run to and through them; you’ll likely encounter a red or amber at the next set, where you may rest and recover your breath.
If you time it correctly and ride a “green wave,” however, you’ll be so energised that you’ll horn your cereal bowl clean.
However, this training method is risky because it depends on other drivers observing traffic signals and not turning in front of you. Keep in mind that reds should not be ignored.

Try Stretching with Some Old Inner Tubes, Number

Free and easy cycling hacks to make every ride better

Inner tubes that look to have seen better days can be used as resistance bands for use in stretching before and after a ride.
You’ll help your muscles stay flexible, do your part for the environment by recycling right away, and save some money in the process. As a result, everybody benefits.

Carry Duct Tape at All Times.

Duct tape, eh, good stuff. You can use it to fix a punctured tyre, a ripped waterproof jacket, or a broken mudguard.
A piece can be easily stored by wrapping it around your seat post or your bike’s built-in pump and then being forgotten until the day it’s needed

Always Bring a Spare Mech Hanger When You Travel.

A spare gear hanger often called a replaceable dropout, is essential to have along due to how easily they may be bent or broken.
The gear hanger on your bike is built of brittle metal in order to safeguard the more expensive rear derailleur and frame.
Using the wrong gear can actually cause it to break. Hangers come in a wide variety of styles and finding a replacement that fits your particular frame might be challenging.
If you don’t already have one, you should go ahead and get one from a bike shop and bring it along.