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Good Bones Season 6: Final Episode Recap & Review

Season 6 of Good Bones comes to a close this week with an episode that we thought would be the series finale. It s never an easy task to say goodbye to another 9 months of renovation experiences and Indianapolis glory photographs, but recappers Megan Fernandez and art director Kristin Sims succeed in doing so.

This week, the second Chick is working on a first project in Cottage Home, which is considerably older than the Old Southside neighborhood where they’d previously done work. Because it’s also a historical area, the Chicks will have to take things slowly while they wait for permissions and follow all of the constraints.

Another issue is that this property isn’t owned by Two Chicks. It is owned by Courtney and David, two males who are acquainted with one of Mina’s high school pals. They don’t realize what they’re getting into, and it’s their first time flipping a property. Two Chicks offers a comprehensive house-flipping course.

We don’t use the term because it doesn’t go with the narrative. Jack, Mina’s young son, usually opens each episode with a touch of sweetness, but we don’t have him do it because it isn’t part of the house narrative. I’m also a little apprehensive about expressing how wonderful he is. But this week, I have to inform him that Jack is having a blast driving his toy car around Fountain Square.

Because it takes so long, the timings are appropriate.

[[Courtney and David spent too much for a shithole–$62,000 for a pile of rotted wood that s coming down.]] The foundation and joists are in terrible condition; an addition has to be demolished, the yard is overgrown, and there is a lot of rubbish within. To demonstrate how new they are to house flipping, Courtney and David ask Mina what happens to all the trash.

I’m somewhat shocked that the house is in such excellent shape. The inside of the store appears to have been hit by a storm.

To me, it appears to be on fire. It would most likely be destroyed if it were not for historic preservation covenants.


How Far Do We Know?

Mina explains what’s going on in the house while we go through it, and it’s remarkable how much she knows about renovations, but it shouldn’t be. But it’s amusing to watch.

With $190,000 in renovations costs, Courtney and David will be fortunate to break even. Similar properties in the area sell for $250,000. Mina, on the other hand, is certain that by the time they emerge from the cave, public perceptions of her and her family will have shifted. If we’re talking about a four-person household, I’m not sure how they’ll all make money on this house unless the $190,000 includes Two Chicks’ fee. Whatever the case may be, it’s incredible that people with no prior knowledge were able to buy a property. Mina is undoubtedly reducing their costs by $100,000 or more.

Enough with the formalities. Let’s have a look around the place. The homeowners, a couple in their thirties who were considering selling their home because they wanted to downsize, had been approached by an architectural firm wanting to build a tiny, one-level house from scratch. The idea was inspired by Mina’s vision of demolishing the extension, opening up the floor plan, making it more intimate with two By identifying animal faces, Karen surpasses herself.

Cory destroys the lean-to in his iconic white pants, which is also my favorite part. When the extension was removed, Cory discovered that the sewage pipe did not go all the way into the home. The door didn’t make it all the way through the extension. Before purchasing the home, Courtney and David did not check the sewer line. Mina is very attuned to the problem. You get clever about it after 90 of them, according to Cory.

It’s odd that you can survive in a manner, but you can’t remodel without being scrutinized. Because the strategies they filed to the historical whatever-perhaps heritage conservation committee were too wide, two Chicks receives a few stop-work orders. It appears that you may only change windows and not more than 75% of the framing, which is incorrect.

A modern vibe appears, due to the summer season. A refurbished cottage is intended to appeal to first-time homeowners who are the target audience for its small size. New Beginnings, however, have recently made their presence known with a surprise debut. They completely missed out on the opportunity to thank their viewers by not bringing it up in every interview segment or after each commercial break over the course of this season’s final broadcast!

Another item arrives in the form of a Karen project, which has not been the case since she departed Two Chicks (but stayed on the show). She noticed a fantastic armoire in the home during the demonstration that she and MJ want to cover with maps. The drawers are removed, leaving only an open cabinet. I know you’ll like it since I have a cedar chest that you decoupageed with maps on the outside and it’s one of my most treasured possessions.

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In their latest adventure, Tad and MJ go on a treasure-hunting quest to Midland Arts & Antiques, an Indianapolis antique store with a long history of acquiring (or selecting) islands. He’s happy because he seldom gets to go shopping. He’s perched on a huge elephant that appears to have come from Coney Island. MJ is hesitant, and he warns, Always double-check the price before hopping aboard. Tad then finds a huge peanut costume and forces MJ to wear it. Tyler said that a mysterious bag has been in his home since he began buying things at Midland, and he’s always wondered who put it there. And now he’s certain-he’s the one for her.

Finally, the inside feels so warm and pleasant. They used a big blue rustic coffee table, a slip-covered chair, and a modern chrome-frame chair with wood-wrapped rafters and the refurbished armoire to create this aesthetically successful combination. The kitchen cupboards are a traditional sage green color, with black countertops and white subway tile. A corner was designed for the tiny kitchen by MJ to prevent cluttering it up with cabinets. For a corner, he created open shelves with a bronze finish.

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