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Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale 2022 – What To Expect

Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale 2022 – What To Expect

This year’s Memorial Day guitar sales are soaring. If you play electric guitar, acoustic guitar, or bass guitar, you’re in for a treat since Guitar Center has just launched an epic sale of its own. Up to 40% off a wide variety of gear is available during the Memorial Day sale at Guitar Center; this is an excellent time to stock up before resuming your gigs or because, well, you deserve it.

So, what are the options? On the list of bargains is the Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top model with maple fingerboard for $130 less than its regular price. The Blue Burst and Sienna Sunburst finish on this limited-edition guitar has us drooling, especially at the discounted price of $649.99. The Line 6 HX Effects, one of our favorites for the greatest multi-effects pedal, can’t be slashed by $100 anywhere else.

But there’s more to it. There are also price cuts on amplifiers, strings, cases, guitar cables, and other accessories. A few of our favorites are included here, along with easy access to the sale’s most guitar-friendly sections.

Guitar Center Memorial Day Sale 2022

It won’t be too long before live music events return to normal, therefore it’s more crucial than ever that your band sounds as fantastic as they can. With discounts on electric guitars from Fender and Gretsch, bass guitars from Jackson and Music Man, Ludwig drum kits, Alesi’s starter electronic drum sets, and Alto PA speakers, you’ll be sure to find everything you need to make your band gig-ready – and at a considerably more wallet-friendly price.

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Whatever your level of expertise, this sale has something for you, whether you’re a serious player or just playing for fun. However, be quick as you only have until June 1 to nab yourself a bargain!

Fender Player Telecaster Plus Top: Was $779.99, now $649.99

A Telecaster is one of the most recognizable and versatile guitars ever made, as any serious guitarist will attest. Even though the Tele’s design is nearly 70 years old, it continues to captivate players young and old. If you have $130 to spare this weekend, you can join the club. If you’re looking for a guitar that looks and plays amazing, this Telecaster is the one for you.

Sterling StingRay Classic Ray24: Was $499.99, now $399.99

The StingRay is one of the most well-known basses in the world today. Players like Vulfpeck’s Joe Dart and the legendary Flea have used the gutsy, booming humbucker tone on many songs across genres. Its active two-band preamp and smaller nut width make playing a breeze, while the StingRay’s legendary tone is provided by the active two-band preamp. Guitar Center is offering a $100 discount on all guitars in celebration of Memorial Day.

Martin Special 18 Dreadnought: Was $2,799.99, now $2,379.99

These Martin dreadnoughts sound incredible if you’re familiar with acoustics. Designed to capture the classic sound of Martin’s Golden Age of the 1930s, this Special 18 Style does a pretty fine job. Because of the Adirondack top’s use of Martin’s VTS (Vintage Tone System), this Style 18 sounds just like a vintage guitar, but for a lot less money. Plus, it’s now $420 cheaper.

Fender Blues Junior Special Edition: Was $649.99, now $599.99

Fender’s 15-watt Blues Junior has developed a name for itself as a sturdy workhorse amp that sounds excellent. Eminence Hot Rod Hempster speaker provides those sweet all-tube tones for this limited edition Humboldt Hot Rod Blues Junior, which can be used as either a pedal platform or as a stand-alone unit. It’s hard to believe, but Guitar Center has slashed an additional $50 off their already low prices this weekend. Beautiful!

Line 6 HX Effects: Was $599.99, now $499.99

One of our selections for the greatest multi-effects pedal around, the Line 6 HX Effects includes just about everything. With over 100 onboard effects derived from the award-winning Helix series, you’ve got access to several ultra-accurate drives, fuzzes, modulation effects, and all-consuming reverb. The processing power of the HX effects should not be underestimated, since they may simultaneously operate up to nine effects. This weekend, save an additional $100 on your effects purchases and give you’re playing a new lease of life.

Does Guitar Center have sales on Memorial Day?

Whether you’re gearing up for a new gig or just treating yourself since it’s the holiday season, the Guitar Center Memorial Day sale offers up to 40% off a variety of guitars and amps.