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Harry Styles’ Dating History – Check His Relationship Timelines

Harry Styles’ Dating History – Check His Relationship Timelines

To be clear, we are a little fascinated with dating timeframes. We’d like to know *everything* about the love lives of celebrities like Timothée Chalamet, Jennifer Aniston, and Pete Davidson.

He isn’t the only one, of course. Singer/actor Zayn Malik has been linked to numerous celebrities since his X Factor days with One Direction back in 2010. Here’s a glance at the people involved.

Harry Styles’ Dating History


Caroline Flack, 2011

Caroline Flack

During Harry’s time as an X Factor contestant and Caroline’s time as host of The Xtra Factor, the two met and began dating for a short time. According to the presenter’s autobiography Storm in a C Cup, the two were romantically linked “Before we met, he had made it clear that he was infatuated with me. A few years ago, he’d expressed it in a magazine article and to pals.”

Emily Atack, 2012

Emily Atack

One Direction’s Harry Styles and Emily Blunt’s romance was rumored for a while before the latter confirmed it two years later. Reveal Magazine (via Hello) quoted her in 2014 as saying, “It’s been a long time.” “We had a little fun for a little while. After that, we went our separate ways.”

Taylor Swift, 2012 – 2013

In November 2012, Taylor was spotted sporting a paper aircraft necklace that Harry frequently wore, which fueled rumours that the two were dating. Following an argument in the British Virgin Islands on New Year’s Day, they were spotted in Central Park over the holidays.

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s 1989 album was rumoured to have been heavily influenced by Harry, with songs like ‘Style’ and ‘Out Of The Woods’ referencing the necklace.

Kendall Jenner, 2013 – 2014, again in 2015 – 2016

After a series of dinner dates in Los Angeles in 2013, Harry and Kendall were the subjects of dating rumours. Their superiors, according to reports, set them up. Things appeared to be cooling off in early 2014 when they were spotted skiing together.

Kendall Jenner

When they were spotted kissing on a yacht in January 2016, it was clear that they were back in the running for romance.

However, in 2019 they appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden to play a game of Fill Your Guts or Spill Your Guts, even though it didn’t work out. Instead of informing Kendall which of his compositions were dedicated to her, Harry ate the sperm from a fish and hid it from her.

Nadine Leopold, 2014 – 2015

Nadine Leopold

Frozen yoghurt trips, as well as getting into his car with the model were all photographed. At the time, a source told The Sun, “Nadine has taken up nearly all of Harry’s spare time in Los Angeles. Infatuated with each other, they are unable to bear the thought of not being together. On his birthday, there is no one else he would rather spend time with.”

But it didn’t work out that way; in March of 2015, word of their breakup broke.

Georgia Fowler, 2015

Georgia Fowler
SHANGHAI, CHINA – NOVEMBER 20: Model Georgia Fowler attends the 2017 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show In Shanghai After Party at Mercedes-Benz Arena on November 20, 2017 in Shanghai, China. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Victoria’s Secret)

Babington House hotel in Somerset, England, is where the couple reportedly stayed when they were dating in late 2015. “Harry wanted to spend some quality time with Georgia away from prying eyes.” Georgia shared a snapshot of them playing Scrabble on social media. Instead of going out to eat, they spent their time in their room and garden, ordering meals to be delivered to their room rather than dining out.

Tess Ward, 2017

According to a source who spoke to The Sun at the time, Harry and chef Tess had an instant connection “They formed a close friendship based on their shared interests in fashion and food, and romance blossomed rapidly. There have been a few dates in London, and Harry has already introduced Tess to several of his pals, including his personal stylist Lou Teasdale.”

Tess Ward

They were photographed wearing each other’s outfits before deciding to break up. I am not the type of person who seeks celebrity, and if you find yourself in a situation where you don’t understand, control, or want it, it’s harrowing,” she subsequently told the Times.

Camille Rowe, 2017 – 2018

Harry and Camille, a model, began dating in the middle of 2017 and ended their relationship a year later. Camille has arrived at just the right time in Harry’s life, a source told The Sun in January 2018. However, he seemed to be content to remain in her company for the time being. They have a terrific relationship.

Camille Rowe

In addition to being extremely supportive of his professional endeavours, she’s a really laid-back individual as well. This is still a casual relationship; they’re not even seeing each other every day yet.”

The breakup was announced in July 2018 a few months later. “Cherry,” the song on Harry’s album Fine Line, is not just about their breakup, but also includes her voicemail. Zane Lowe queried him about the song’s lyrical content, and he responded, “When we listened back to the album, I asked her to add it in.” “I believe she found it pleasing,” says the mother.

“Cherry’ is about a… That’s what I was going for. Not so wonderful, I thought. Having a low opinion of yourself is the only thing that matters. Because when things don’t go your way, you tend to get petty. Some of it is just plain sad.”

Kiko Mizuhara, 2019

When the Queer Eye crew was seen singing karaoke with the model and star in Japan, the rumours started flying. However, she later disputed that they were acquainted, writing on Twitter, “No, I’ve never met Harry Styles or had any kind of contact with him; he’s just a guy I’ve heard about in the media. Everyone has their own set of preconceived notions about what is true or false.”

Olivia Wilde, 2021 – present

Olivia Wilde

Don’t Worry Darling, which Olivia is directing, will feature Harry with Florence Pugh in September 2020.

Photographs of Harry and Olivia holding hands at his manager’s wedding in January 2021 (see photos here) all but confirmed their romance, while a source subsequently told The Sun, “One of those instances where everyone could see right away that there was a spark was happening. It comes as no surprise that something has transpired, but they’ve made a point of talking about it openly and going out together now.”

Olivia covered the December 2021 issue of Vogue US, stating that she and Harry are “happier” than they’ve ever been. Additionally, she expressed her displeasure with some of the coverage surrounding their relationship (specifically, the timing of her breakup with Jason Sudeikis).

A “false narrative” is “clearly incredibly appealing,” she said. “When you’re truly happy, it doesn’t really matter what strangers think of you. What matters most to you is what is real, what you love, and who you love.”