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Heart Parade Movie Review: Have You Ever Heard of A Careerist Falling in Love in The Most Improbable of Places?

Heart Parade, also known as Parada Serc, is a Polish comedy-romance film (2022). Parada serc Aka Heart Parade stars Anna Próchniak, Michal Czernecki, and Iwo Rajski (2022). On Netflix, there’s a brand new Polish romantic comedy.

The plot and cast are based on “Heart Parade.” Heart Parade is a parada serc (a.k.a. Parada Serc). Parada serc, also known as Heart Parade, will be available on Netflix on June 15, 2022. “Heart Parade” depicts the story of a busy Warsaw woman (Anna Prochniak) who despises dogs and refuses to leave her capital city.


  • Anna Próchniak as Magda
  • Michal Czernecki as Krzysztof
  • Iwo Rajski as Karol
  • Piotr Rogucki as Wiktor
  • Katarzyna Zielinska…Irenka
  • Iwo Rajski…Karol
  • Monika Krzywkowska…Zula

Heart Parade movie review

  • Grzegorz Warchol…Gravedigger Philosopher
  • Wasyl Wasylik…Anatol
  • Kamil Szeptycki…Dawid
  • Maria Czerepinska…Tosia
  • Tobiasz Wiercichowski…Igor
  • Mikolaj Bogusz…Adam
  • Leszek Piskorz…Professor
  • Kamil Studnicki…Zula’s assistant
  • Jakub Gasowski…Zula’s assistant
  • Ina Sobala…Ola
  • Robert Gulaczyk…Bodyguard Jan

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Heart Parade movie review

A careerist from Warsaw who despises dogs is forced to travel to Kraków for professional reasons, where she meets a charming single man, his child, and their four-legged companion.

Netflix’s new romance comedy Hearts Parade is out now. Following the success of Milosc na square and Taming the Shrew, which received mixed reviews, another attempt was made to elicit strong emotions from the audience.

The protagonist is a busy Warsaw woman who despises dogs and is forced to flee the capital. Anna Prochniak and Michal Czernecki play the lead roles.

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Heart Parade movie review

This review does not contain any spoilers for the Netflix film Heart Parade.

Have you ever heard of a careerist falling in love in the most improbable of places? What a ridiculous query. You have, of course. Every year, several films are made from carbon copy scripts: take, for example, Heart Parade, another international Netflix movie with a regurgitated and unoriginal premise.

Of course, it isn’t Netflix’s fault. Those who want the streaming service to go away will no doubt blame them for releasing such a rambling rom-com. Regrettably, given the large number of romantic comedies released each year, only a handful succeed.

Heart Parade is a tedious experience that follows a careerist named Magda as she deals with a workplace problem. She embarks on a mission to Krakow, where she meets a beautiful widower and his kid. She doesn’t tell them, of course, that she has encroached on their life for professional reasons. I’m sure you’ve figured out the rest of the story…

The lead actress’s performance isn’t the issue; she has personality and delivers an excellent performance. Unfortunately, there is little chemistry between the lead character and the widower in the rom-com. It’s likely that this is a screenplay issue; the character of a careerist who despises pets may have been written on the extreme side of this mentality. The characters, especially Magda, needed to let go and embrace the world of romance and all it had to offer.

By the time you get to the third act, you’ve had your fill of boring. Even the ending is devoid of suspense. It’s a shame because the actors is giving it their all, but the plot and direction do not assist in pulling the strings.

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