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Hells Angels Founder Sonny Barger Passed Away at Age 83!

Hells Angels founder Sonny Barger passed away at age 83.

The Hells Angels, one of the most prominent criminal motorcycle organizations in the world, were founded by Sonny Barger. He was 83.

“You will be aware that I have left if you are reading this message. I’ve requested that this message be released right away following my passing “read a message that was published on his official Facebook page.

“I’ve had a long, happy life full of adventures. And I’ve had the honor of belonging to a fantastic club. I’ve cherished spending particular time with my club brothers, my family, and close friends while having a public persona for decades “The post went on. Please be aware that I died peacefully following a brief cancer struggle.

His former attorney, Fritz Clapp, informed NBC News and the Washington Post that Barger had passed away and provided the cause of death as liver cancer.

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Hells Angels Founder Sonny Barger Passed Away at Age 83!

According to the post on Barger’s Facebook page, his fourth wife, Zorana Barger, whom he wed in 2005, will take care of his children.

In the end, the message stated, “Know that I was surrounded by what really matters: My wife, Zorana, as well as my loved ones.” “Keep your head high, be loyal, free, and appreciate honor always. Jimmy HAMCO”

According to the Washington Post, Barger, a longtime heavy smoker, underwent vocal chord removal after receiving a throat cancer diagnosis in 1982. Later, he ran an anti-smoking program.

The campaign’s advertisement stated, “Do you desire to truly rebel? Don’t smoke like everyone else. Because of that awful cigarette, I was diagnosed with throat cancer, and my vocal cords were removed. Be a saint and give up smoking.”

According to The New York Times, Barger, who was born in California on October 8, 1938, helped organize the Oakland Hells Angels branch in April 1957. He later rose to the position of national president of the club and was instrumental in establishing the club’s public image. He was sentenced to prison for drug offenses while serving as the club’s leader, according to the publication.

After relocating to the suburbs in 1998, he reduced his official responsibilities but continued to be a member, according to the Washington Post.

According to the publication, Barger wrote several books, including Hell’s Angel: The Life and Times of Sonny Barger and the Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club, which achieved bestseller status in the New York Times.

He periodically made appearances in films during his life, including a cameo in the 1967 Jack Nicholson movie Hells Angels on Wheels, according to the Times. He also made an appearance on Sons of Anarchy in 2010.

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