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How Long Are Cannabis Seeds Good For: Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Weed Seeds

Many first-time growers frequently have some cannabis seeds lying about from an old buddy or baggie. New growers are starting their own grows now that marijuana has been legalized, but how long do marijuana seeds live until they stop germinating?

Depending on how efficiently pollination is carried out and how well the plant accepts pollen, a normal feminized cannabis plant can yield hundreds of seeds. Additionally, a lot depends on the strain because some strains can produce a lot more, especially if their blooms are bigger and have a bigger capacity. But how long do they remain fresh after being picked and dried?

How Much Time Do Cannabis Seeds Last?

how long are cannabis seeds good for

Cannabis seeds have a lifespan of over five years. But this implies that you use high-quality seeds and properly store them. If not, the lifespan will be considerably reduced.

It is crucial to remember that the older a seed becomes, the lower its chances of germination are. Even if you purchased a premium strain from one of the greatest seed banks online, we nevertheless urge you to use your seeds as soon as possible.

With healthy seeds, you can anticipate them to live for a year or more even if you just store them at room temperature in an envelope. You can prolong that considerably by paying attention to the following aspects.

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Factors Affecting the Shelf Life of Weed Seeds

Genetics is undoubtedly a significant impact. Seeds of higher quality last longer than those of lower quality. Poor seeds have a short shelf life.

Another factor is how the seeds were handled. They will endure a long time if the seed bank where you purchased them preserves their seeds properly and ships them in the mail in a way that protects them from damage.

Aside from picking a high-quality seed bank, you have no control over those factors. How you handle your seeds after they come is something you can manage.

Try to create settings that are as close to optimal as you can. In a moment, we’ll discuss how to store them best. Let’s first examine the primary elements that have an impact on the tenacity of cannabis seeds.


how long are cannabis seeds good for

The seeds are prompted by light to start germination preparations. Even if they don’t germinate due to the absence of the other components required for germination, the chemical processes for germination may still be triggered, which will prevent the seeds from germinating later, when the right conditions are present. Keep your seeds in the dark to make sure they last as long as possible in good condition.

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Also, a symptom of germination is a high temperature. Your seeds should be stored in a place that is as cool as you can get without freezing. They can be kept at room temperature, but to extend their life, try to store them between 42 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit, or 6 to 8 degrees Celsius.


Moisture also signals the start of germination. Furthermore, rotting can occur in a damp environment. Your seeds should ideally be stored in a dry atmosphere with a relative humidity of 8% to 10%.

Variations in the environment are worse than any of the aforementioned factors. The seeds will last for a long time even if you simply store them in a kitchen drawer with regular room temperature and humidity. possibly a year or two. However, that lifespan will be considerably reduced if the humidity, temperature, and light levels are constantly fluctuating.


how long are cannabis seeds good for

Finally, in a vacuum, seeds endure much longer. Even if the usual atmosphere of the earth will keep them safe for a very long time, a vacuum is much preferable. Simply keeping them in a secure area can work wonders. Although they will have access to oxygen, they won’t always have access to clean air. Lack of fresh air not only prevents germination but also makes it more challenging for pests to grow.

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How to Determine If Cannabis Seeds Are Bad

Let’s say you have some seeds that you have stored for a long time. Is there any way to determine how long they have lasted or whether they still work?

There are certain signs that some seeds have not survived, but many seeds that appear to be in perfect condition nevertheless won’t sprout. The only way to determine whether a seed has endured the test of time, even if it appears good, is to attempt to germinate it.

What then are the telltale signs of seeds that failed to germinate?

how long are cannabis seeds good for

Cracks in the seed are the most noticeable. The seed is probably no longer viable if the tough shell develops fractures. It is improbable that the seed will fully germinate once the genetic material inside it has been made public.

Even the physical shell itself can provide some clues. Your seed is probably healthy if it has a little give to it so that you can gently press it without crushing it. The seed is ineffective if the shell easily breaks under light pressure (and is now crushed).

You can get hints from the seed’s appearance as well. It should be dark with a light waxy layer. Good seeds typically have stripes or spots and are brown, black, or grey in color. However, some strains have lighter seeds, so you should be aware of how your particular strain should appear.

The water test, which may be used with seeds of any kind, not just marijuana seeds, is the last option.

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Final Thoughts on How Long Cannabis Seeds Last

Seeds of high quality can persist for a very long time. They can survive up to five years under ideal circumstances. But you must take care to preserve them in a place that is cool, dark, and dry and to maintain constant conditions devoid of changes.

Additionally, as already indicated, purchase your seeds from an established seed bank like ILGM or Crop King Seeds. Don’t purchase from a seed bank that has a reputation for sending subpar seeds. They frequently go against all of the advice we provided here. For an example of one such seed shop, read our review of the Dutch Seed Shop.


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