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How Much Is a Netflix Subscription? How to Save Money on Netflix!

How Much Is a Netflix Subscription? How to Save Money on Netflix!

Netflix has raised the price of its monthly membership options, and some subscribers have already noticed the difference.

We all saw it coming, unfortunately. However, we wished we had had a little more time. In October 2020, the streamer upped its subscription costs for the first time. The ordinary and premium plans have increased in price to $13.99 and $17.99 per month, respectively. The ordinary plan was initially priced at $12.99 per month, while the premium plan was priced at $15.99 per month.

Netflix has decided to raise the cost of all its plans in 2022. You may wonder why. The reason for this is that in 2021, the streamer’s subscription growth stagnated. Netflix lost over 400,000 customers in just the second quarter of 2021. Even though the streamer was able to recover by the third quarter, the damage had already been done.

It also comes down to the amount of money Netflix invests in original programming for its platform. The streamer constantly produces high-quality stuff that is expensive. As a result, Netflix requires funds in order to continue to produce new episodes and films.

In the end, it’s a business. We’ll have to pay a charge if we want to see high-quality stuff all of the time. Continue reading to learn about the most recent Netflix subscription prices.

How Much Does It Cost?

Subscription plan Monthly price Streaming quality Simultaneous streams Access to content
Basic $9.99 Standard Definition (not HD) One Every Netflix title
Standard $15.99 High Definition (HD) Two Every Netflix title
Premium $19.99 HD and 4K Ultra HD Four Every Netflix title


Netflix’s Plans and Pricing tells us how much Netflix will cost in 2022. Also, on January 14, the revised monthly membership costs went into effect for new subscribers. Existing subscribers will notice the pricing changes when a certain amount of time has passed.

Basic Plan – The cost of the basic plan has increased from $8.99 to $9.99 per month. You can only stream Netflix on one screen at a time on this package. You can also download movies and TV series to a single phone or tablet. This membership also offers access to an infinite number of movies, television series, and games. Finally, you can view movies and episodes on your laptop, TV, phone, or tablet.

Standard Plan – The standard plan’s monthly cost has increased from $13.99 to $15.49. Subscribers to this package can stream Netflix on two screens at the same time. You can now download Netflix movies and series to two different phones or tablets. You have unlimited access to movies, TV shows, and games, just as with the basic package. You can also view them on your preferred device. Finally, with this package, you may view HD episodes and movies.

how much is a netflix subscription

Premium Plan – The premium plan’s monthly cost increased from $17.99 to $19.99. You can stream Netflix on four screens at the same time with this plan. Movies and TV series can also be downloaded to four different phones or tablets. You can also view an unlimited number of movies, TV series, and games on your preferred device. Finally, you can choose between watching movies and TV shows in HD or Ultra HD.

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How to Save Money on Netflix

how much is a netflix subscription

When it comes to Netflix, there are several ways to save money. One of the most popular options, as previously mentioned, is to split the cost of a Netflix subscription with friends and family. In this case, the Premium streaming plan ($20) is the way to go, as it unlocks 4K streaming and allows you to watch Netflix on four screens at once.

Be on the lookout for Netflix bundles from internet service providers, TV/smart device companies, and cell phone providers to get the service at a reduced cost (or for free in some cases). T-Mobile customers, for example, can take advantage of a number of Netflix benefits through the company’s Netflix on Us program.

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Is Netflix’s DVD-By-Mail Service Still Available?

Remember when Netflix was primarily a DVD-by-mail service, with Netflix Instant serving as a backup? Although much has changed since the company announced its move into streaming in early 2007, the tried-and-true method of receiving DVDs (and now Blu-rays) in the mail is still alive and well.

Visit Netflix’s DVD page for more information.

If you want to add the DVD service back to your plan and feel like you’re back in the early 2000s, or if you missed out when the craze changed the way we watch movies at home, you have two options. The first is the “Standard” plan, which costs $7.99 per month for one DVD and $9.99 for Blu-ray discs. The “Premier” plan costs $11.99 per month for two DVDs or $14.99 for Blu-rays.

There are no late fees with either option, but you will be charged for any discs that you have out when your DVD-by-mail subscription expires (not like that has ever happened to any of us before).

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What Kind of Content Does Netflix Offer?

how much is a netflix subscription

Netflix has over 5,000 titles to choose from that will make you laugh or cry. It also received our Editor’s Choice award for its on-demand and kid-friendly content.
Netflix has new, old, and original content in a variety of genres, including comedy, documentaries, crime television drama, romance, science fiction and horror, reality television, animated series, and action.

Your eldest son will be able to see Dave Chappelle’s comedy special, while your toddler will be entertained by a variety of animated films such as Kung Fu Panda, and you will be able to see Just Go With It or Shooter.

Netflix TV shows include the following:

  • New Girl
  • Schitt’s Creek
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • NCIS
  • Black List
  • The Vampire Diaries
  • Imposters