Home Celebrities How Old Is Anna Shay? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bling Empire’s Queen Anna Shay

How Old Is Anna Shay? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bling Empire’s Queen Anna Shay

How Old Is Anna Shay? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bling Empire’s Queen Anna Shay
I’d wager a lot of money that if you ask most people who their favourite cast member from the Netflix series Bling Empire is, they’ll all reply Anna Shay. She is the queen of our hearts thanks to her frank humour, amazing jewellery selection, and luxurious lifestyle.
She has had our undying devotion since season one. She physically burst onto the programme with a hammer in her first appearance, wearing a fancy dress. She is exceptional. So this is your chance to really get to know the legend that is she. We are discussing the exact source of her enormous net worth as well as her wacky anarchic lifestyle.

The Anna Shay’s Age

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Anna, who is half Russian and half Japanese, was born in Tokyo, Japan, in 1960. She currently resides in Beverly Hills and is 61 years old. She had a mother named Ai Oizumi Shay who died in 2015 and a father named Edward Shay who died in 1995. Allen is the name of Anna’s younger brother.
Two interesting facts Animals are dear to Anna’s heart. According to reports, she keeps nine pet golden retrievers company in her expansive mansion estate. She also had a pet monkey when she was younger. I had a pet monkey when we moved from Japan to America, she admitted in an interview.
“I wanted the monkey to sit next to me, but she had the bottom seat on the Pan Am. They all knew my parents, the flight attendants. Would your friend like a drink, she asked me after giving me a quick look. She is dressed by me. I wasn’t sure if she was a girl or a dude. She’s my sister, I said. Please give her some milk. Possibly, too, if you have a banana. The monkey wasn’t removed by them.


The Shay Family Makes Its Money from Selling Weaponry, and Anna Is an Heiress with A Net Worth of $600 Million.
Sorry, but were you hoping for anything less extravagant? The richest cast member of Bling Empire is Anna Shay, who reportedly has a net worth of $600 million. She is so wealthy that Anna acknowledged after season one that she had been delaying cashing Netflix checks because she “didn’t know what to do” with the money.
She is an heiress since her late rich father, Edward Shay, founded the defence contractor Pacific Architects and Engineers. She is described as “very incredibly affluent” and the source of her wealth on the programme. Kane stated in season one, “Her father traded bombs, guns, defence technology, and is worth a few billion.” Anna and her brother sold their father’s company for $1.2 billion back in 2006. Quite a good day.

She Has Never Held a Job in Her Life.

how old is anna shay

It is quite on-brand for Anna to have publicly acknowledged never having worked a day in her life. It’s not shocking at all given how wealthy her family is. Anna reportedly wanted to join the family business, but her father wasn’t interested. As a result, he gave all the duties to Anna’s brother.
However, Anna has participated in charitable endeavours, including work with the Shay Foundation, which was founded by her late parents.

Who Was Edward Shay, Anna Shay’s Father?

Anna is the child of the late American business billionaire Edward Shay and her Russian-Japanese mother Ai Oizumi Shay.
Pacific Architects and Engineers (PAE), a defence contractor that collaborated with the U.S. government and the UN, was founded by Edward Shay. 1995 saw his passing.
Anna stated that her parents are her role models in an interview with O, The Oprah Magazine (opens in new tab): “My father, mother, and son. My parents have taught me values, morals, honour, respect, loyalty, and ideals, making them my idols. Today, these qualities are uncommon.