Home Celebrities How old is Ashtray in the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere?

How old is Ashtray in the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere?

How old is Ashtray in the Euphoria Season 2 Premiere?

As The Daily Beast describes it, “the opening of Euphoria season 2 is an orgy of teen sex, bad vibes, and bloodshed.” But how old is Ashtray, Fez’s “little brother,” and who portrays him, Javon Walton?

Because two and a half years is a long time for a young teen, it’s understandable that Ashtray appears to have matured dramatically between seasons 1 and 2 of Euphoria.

Since Javon “Wanna” Walton was just 12 years old when the first season of Euphoria premiered in June 2019, he has been playing Ashtray.

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His character Ashtray was 11 when he turned 13 barely two weeks before the end of season 1 when he played him.

How old is Ashtray in the Euphoria season 2 premiere?

How old is Ashtray in the Euphoria Season 2

Ashtray is classified as a preteen, however, you wouldn’t be able to tell based on his interests. It is reasonable to assume that Ashtray is currently 12 or 13 years old, given that he was 11 in the first season and that Season 2 launched two years after Season 1.

Euphoria’s first season sees Ashtray working closely with Fezco, the drug kingpin, on a variety of projects. A 12-year-old hammer attack on Mouse in the season 2 premiere was out of character for him.

Ashtray and Fez, on the other hand, have to mature at a young age. What is Lexi’s age in Euphoria? Fans are worried about a possible s2 romance with Fez.

What’s Ashtray’s backstory?

As a baby, he was taken as “collateral” for a drug trade by his gun-wielding grandma, according to Esquire’s version of the story. Fez treated Ashtray as if he were a sibling and took an active role in his upbringing.

Ashtray and Fezco, on the other hand, aren’t related by blood. An interview with Refinery29 in 2019 reveals that Ashtray is Fez’s “little pal” – his “sidekick”.

Because of their upbringing and events beyond their control, they had to mature quickly. When Fez’s grandmother dies in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, Ashtray and his “little brother” are left to fend for themselves.

Where else have you seen Javon Walton?

He has also appeared in the Amazon Prime Video streaming series Utopia (as Grant Bishop), as well as the second season of The Addams Family (as Pugsley Addams, replacing Finn Wolfhard).

Samaritan, starring Sylvester Stallone, Dascha Polanco, and Pilou Asbk, will be released later this year.

Javon Walton is a boxing prodigy at the age of 12. He became the company’s youngest endorser when he signed a deal with Under Armor at the age of ten.

He was the first individual to hold state championships in both boxing and gymnastics at the age of 11 in Georgia. His Instagram account, @onwardwant to, has over 300,000 followers.