Home Celebrities How Old Is Britney Spears Now? Early in Her Pregnancy, Britney Spears Announced the Loss of A “wonder Baby.”

How Old Is Britney Spears Now? Early in Her Pregnancy, Britney Spears Announced the Loss of A “wonder Baby.”

How Old Is Britney Spears Now? Early in Her Pregnancy, Britney Spears Announced the Loss of A “wonder Baby.”

Britney Jean Spears is an American singer, songwriter, and dancer who was born on December 2, 1981. She is frequently referred to as the “Princess of Pop,” and it is believed that she had a significant impact on the resurgence of adolescent pop in the late 1990s and early 2000s. At the age of fifteen, Spears earned a record deal with Jive Records after performing in plays and TV shows.

Spears became the best-selling adolescent artist of all time thanks to the success of her first two studio albums,…Baby One More Time (1999) and Oops!… I Did It Again (2000), which is among the best-selling records of all time. Oops!… I Did It Again held the record for the fastest-selling album by a female artist in the US for fifteen years, with first-week sales of nearly 1.3 million copies. For her albums Britney (2001) and In the Zone (2003), Spears developed a more sophisticated and provocative style. She also starred in the 2002 movie Crossroads.

Her fifth studio album, Blackout (2007), which is frequently hailed as her best work, was executive produced by Spears. After a string of highly publicized personal issues, the record received no marketing, and Spears was forcibly placed in a conservatorship. Since then, she has recorded two albums that reached the top of the charts: Femme Fatale (2011) and Circus (2008).

The latter album gave her the most successful run of songs in the US charts. To promote her upcoming albums Britney Jean (2013) and Glory, she started a four-year concert residency called Britney: Piece of Me at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas (2016). The #FreeBritney movement was started in 2019 as a result of the increased public attention given to Spears’ legal dispute about her conservatorship. Following her public statement in which she accused her management team and family of abuse, the conservatorship was ended in 2021.

Who Is in Charge of Britney Spears’ Children?

how old is britney spears now

The Grammy winner temporarily lost custody of Sean Preston and Jayden in 2007 as a result of his downward slide. The next year, her father Jamie Spears took over custody of the “Womanizer” singer.

Britney was only allocated 30% of the boys’ custody in 2019, while Kevin received 70%. Throughout the same year, numerous publications reported that the “Gimme More” singer was battling for 50/50 custody. Kevin’s divorce attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, of Los Angeles, spoke briefly about the deal.

Following the 2019 70/30 custody decision, the attorney stated: “The conservatorship being in place was one of the criteria of the custody early on, and so far, that gives a layer of the structure that hasn’t been modified in quite a while, which is consistent in the best interest of the kids.” Nothing about the conservatorship, he said, “has presented a problem with custody arrangements.”

The pop sensation spoke out about her conservatorship on June 23, 2021, during the #FreeBritney movement, and told the judge through Zoom that she wanted her “life back” and greater autonomy.

After 13 years as her estate’s conservator, Jamie agreed to retire two months later, “when the time is appropriate,” according to a document he filed. Jamie’s employment was suspended in September, and on November 12, 2021, a judge officially removed Britney’s conservatorship.

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What Was the Drama with Britney Spears’ Children and Jamie Spears’?

how old is britney spears now

After a fight involving Sean Preston, who was 13 at the time, Kevin reported the incident to the police and was given a restraining order against Jamie.

Three days after the event, Kevin and Mark, his lawyer, appeared in court for an urgent hearing to request a restraining order against Jamie. According to Us Weekly, the grandfather was forbidden from being in close proximity to Sean Preston and Jayden for three years after the injunction was granted without Jamie’s objection.

In March of the following year, Jayden posted a video to Instagram in which he referred to Jamie as “a really big d—k” and said, “He can go die.” When the “family situation” was happening, Mark told Page Six that his client Kevin was “managing” it quietly.

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Where Are Britney and Her Children Now?

how old is britney spears now

The “Piece of Me” singer occasionally posts Instagram pictures and videos of her sons on her account, providing rare views into her life as a mother. Despite the continuing drama in their family, they appear to be close. During her conservatorship hearing on June 23, Britney made a suggestion that she could want to have more kids in the future.

The Grammy winner claimed, “I currently have an IUD in my body that prevents me from becoming pregnant, and my conservators won’t let me visit a doctor to get it removed.” Britney made the engagement announcement to her boyfriend Sam Asghari in September of that year. They later got hitched in June 2022. Britney’s sons, however, were not present for the ceremony.

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Kevin’s lawyer said at the time that even though the boys won’t be present, they are thrilled for Britney and wish her and Sam the best in their future. KFed claimed that Britney’s obscene social media posts were to blame for the fact that her sons hadn’t seen her in months when it was discovered in August that they hadn’t.

“As we all know, it’s never easy for anyone to raise teenage boys… I gave it all to them. One word only: cruel. I’ll say it,” Britney said on social media, adding that her ex’s assertions had “saddened” her. “Reminder that not only do I suffer from the trauma and insults that come with fame and this business, but so do my children!!!! I tried my best, but I’m only human.