Home Celebrities How Old Is Chris Evert? Age, Career, Networth & More Updates in 2022!

How Old Is Chris Evert? Age, Career, Networth & More Updates in 2022!

How Old Is Chris Evert? Age, Career, Networth & More Updates in 2022!

American tennis player Christine Marie Evert, who played under the name Chris Evert Lloyd from 1979 to 1987, was born on December 21, 1954. Evert won 18 major singles championships, including six US Open crowns and a joint-record seven French Open titles (tied with Serena Williams). She held the top spot in the world rankings for 260 weeks and seven different times at the end of the singles season (1974–78, 1980, 1981). Evert dominated women’s tennis in the 1970s and 1980s alongside Martina Navratilova, who was her biggest foe.

Evert Made the Most Major Singles Finals Appearances with 34.

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In the singles division, Evert advanced to the semifinals or better in 52 of the 56 majors she competed in, including 34 straight majors from the 1971 US Open to the 1983 French Open. She only twice lost in the third round of a major and never did so in the first or second. She currently holds the record for the most years in a row (13) in which she has won a major championship.

The second-highest men’s or women’s lifetime victory percentage in singles matches during the Open Era is Evert’s 89.97% (1309-146) mark. Her career winning percentage of 94.55% (382-22) in singles matches on clay courts still stands as a WTA Tour record. She also won three important doubles championships.

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Early Childhood & Life

Jimmy Evert and Colette Thompson welcomed Chris Evert into the world on December 21, 1954, in Boca Raton, Florida. Christ Evert started taking tennis lessons from her father when she was five years old. Her father was a professional tennis coach.

She graduated from St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Fort Lauderdale in 1973 and went on to receive a full athletic scholarship for tennis at Auburn University in Alabama.

Chris Evert grew up to become the top junior player in the “Under 14” age group thanks to his relentless practice. In 1970, she also took home the title of Girls Under 16 National Tennis Champion.


how old is chris evert

Evert was selected to participate in an eight-player clay court competition when she was 15 years old, and in the semi-finals, she defeated Margaret Court, the top-ranked player in the world and a Grand Slam champion. As a result, Chris Evert was chosen as the US Wightman team’s youngest player ever.

Following an invitation to compete at the U.S. Open, Chris Evert made her Grand Slam debut in 1971. There, she faced off against a number of seasoned professionals and advanced to the semifinals.

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Chris Evert Placed Second in Both the French Open and Wimbledon Competitions in 1973.

how old is chris evert

She had a “winning streak” of 55 straight matches in 1974, winning 16 other tournaments in addition to the French Open and Wimbledon. Chris Evert also advanced to the US Open semifinals and finals in her first Australian Open competition. Tennis experts chose her to hold the top spot. This position persisted until 1979.

Chris Evert won the US Open and French Open competitions in 1975. She was the first female tennis player to be named No. 1 when the WTA rankings were introduced this year.

The only time in her career that Chris Evert won both titles in the same year was in 1976 when she won both the US Open and Wimbledon. Chris Evert won 18 of the 25 tournaments he participated in during the course of the two years that followed, including both US Open competitions.

Chris Evert dominated the clay court contests, winning 125 straight matches on clay commencing in 1973 and only dropping eight sets throughout that time. When she lost to Tracy Austin in the Italian Open semifinals in 1979, her winning streak was snapped. That year, her ranking fell to No. 2.

With victories at the French Open (1980), US Open (1980), and Wimbledon (1980), Chris Evert reclaimed her No. 1 position between 1980 and 1981. (1981). Awards and Successes:

Christ Evert won at least one major competition every year from 1974 through 1986. Chris Evert was named “Sportswoman of the Year” in 1976 by the publication “Sports Illustrated.”

She received the title of “Greatest Woman Athlete of the Last 25 Years” in 1985 from the Women’s Sports Foundation. Chris Evert was chosen for induction into the International Tennis Hall of Fame by a unanimous vote in 1995.

Chris Evert held the record for the most French Open singles victories with seven for 27 years till Rafael Nadal shattered it in 2013. She continues to be the only female player to have accomplished this. She received a special honor from the International Tennis Hall of Fame once more in 2013. She now holds the record with 10 Grand Slam victories on clay courts.

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Personal Legacy & Life:

how old is chris evert

Chris dated tennis player Jimmy Connors throughout the 1970s. Even infrequently, the couple would play mixed doubles. Despite being engaged, they decided not to be married.

In 1979, she wed tennis star, John Lloyd. But in 1987, they got divorced. Chris Evert had an affair with British singer Adam Faith while they were still married.

Olympic skier Andy Mill and Chris Evert were married in 1988; they had three sons: Alexander James in 1991, Nicholas Joseph in 1994, and Colton Jack in 1996. (1996). She requested a divorce in 2006, and it was eventually granted.

In 2008, she wed Australian golfer Norman. But only 15 months into their marriage, they announced they were divorcing, and the divorce was finally formalized in 2009.