Home Celebrities How Old Is Hilary Farr? Age, Husband, Children, Height, Family, Parents, tv Shows

How Old Is Hilary Farr? Age, Husband, Children, Height, Family, Parents, tv Shows

How Old Is Hilary Farr? Age, Husband, Children, Height, Family, Parents, tv Shows

British-Canadian designer Hilary Elizabeth Farr (née Labow; born August 31, 1951)[a] is also an entrepreneur, television host, and former actress. She is well-known for her role as David Visentin’s co-host on the television shows Love It or List It on HGTV and the W Network.

Farr, who was born in Toronto and reared in London, started her career in Los Angeles as a home renovation and set designer for movies and television. She sporadically worked as an actor during this time, playing small roles in movies including The Return, City on Fire, and The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). (1980).

Before establishing herself as a designer and co-host of Love It or List It in 2010, she continued to work in house remodeling and design. She is the CEO of the Toronto- and New York City-based Hilary Farr’s Designs.

Age of Hilary Farr

how old is hilary farr

At the age of 69, Hilary Farr Labow was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on August 31, 1952. She moved with her parents and spent her formative years in London, UK. She developed a passion for theatre and was exposed to interior design by assisting her mother in embellishing her childhood home.

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After relocating to Los Angeles, Hilary Farr purchased and refurbished a number of residences. She held part-time jobs remodeling homes and other settings for movies and television shows. Farr, who performed under the stage name Hilary Labow, made a few cameos in a number of films, including Layout for 5 Models (1972), Sex Farm (1973), Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width (1973), Legend of the Werewolf (1975), The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), City on Fire (1979), and The Return (1980). In 1973, she appeared in Grease in London and sang. She played supporting roles in a few television sitcoms in the early 1980s.

In Australia, the United Kingdom, California, New York, and later Toronto, Farr designed and renovated buildings. She refurbished the Chicago apartment of Jennifer Hudson and the houses of several well-known celebrities, including Jenna Elfman.

After her divorce in 2008, she moved back to Toronto. The W Network, Big Coat Productions, and Corus Entertainment signed her to co-host Love It or List It alongside David Visentin. The W Network and HGTV both aired the program. The program was broadcast in Spain on Divinity with a dual soundtrack.

The 2010 edition of W Network’s Search for the Next W Expert featured Farr as a judge. At the Canadian International Interior Design Show in 2011, which was held in the cities of Toronto, Edmonton, and Vancouver, she made a number of guest appearances. Additionally, she contributed frequently to the Huffington Post and made guest appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show.

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how old is hilary farr

Currently alone and unmarried, Hilary Farr is. She was wed to Gordon Farr, nonetheless, in a secret ceremony that took place in Toronto, Canada, in 1982. Her partner is a TV producer from Canada. Josh Farr was the only kid the couple had. Farr and Gordon Farr got divorced in 2008. Many people were surprised by their separation announcement because they never displayed any signs of conflict, stress, or miscommunication. She currently resides in a stunning residence in Toronto.

Salary of Hilary Farr

What is Hilary Farr’s net worth? The estimated net worth of Hilary Farr is $10 million. Her work as a designer, businesswoman, television host, and former actress is her primary source of income. Her prosperous career has allowed her to enjoy opulent lifestyles and expensive vacations. She is among Canada’s wealthiest and most powerful individuals.

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North Carolina or Ontario Will Be the Location of The Love It or List It 2022 Movie?

how old is hilary farr

Initially, Love It Or List It was a Canadian program in terms of where it was filmed. However, it moved to North Carolina in reality in 2014.

According to Cheatsheet, the cast changed, which is what revealed the outcome of the game to astute viewers. Desta Ostapyk, a design assistant, appeared in the Canadian episodes together with contractors Eddie Richardson and Fergus McLaren, while Eric Eremita was included in the North Carolina episodes.

Its Toronto-based production firm, Big Coat Media, also creates Love It Or List It: My Parents’ House, Surprise! Animal magnetism and A Puppy are involved. There are also other spinoffs, like Kirstie & Phil’s Love It Or List It and Love It Or List It Vancouver.