Home Celebrities How Old Is Leon Pokemon? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Leon Pokemon

How Old Is Leon Pokemon? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Leon Pokemon

How Old Is Leon Pokemon? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Leon Pokemon

In Pokemon Sword & Shield, Leon had held the title of Champion of the Galar Region for many years prior to the game’s events. He is, more or less, made the new Chairman of Macro Cosmos after being defeated by the game’s protagonist (so Gloria or Victor, depending on whether you played as a boy or a girl in the game), taking charge of several of their projects, including transforming Rose Tower into the Battle Tower to realize his goal of making Galar Region trainers the most powerful in the world.

Leon Pokemon Has a How Old?

how old is leon pokemon

Leon is well-known for participating in the Gym Challenge at the young age of 10 and, more significantly, for winning the Champion Cup on his first attempt. He and his partner Charizard haven’t lost in either League or exhibition games since that triumph.

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How Many Years Has Leon Held the Title?

Eight times, in 1948, 1949, 1952, 1956, 1992, the Apertura in 2013, the Clausura in 2014, and the Apertura in 2020, León has won the Primera División de México/Liga MX championship.

Leon Defeats Ash.

Despite the fact that Ash previously lost to Leon in their first encounter, it is obvious that he is still focused on the series’ overall objective. After a bloody struggle, Leon and Raihan applaud one another, but Ash interrupts them by saying that he will ultimately defeat Leon.

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When Playing Pokemon Sword and Shield, How Old Is the Player?

how old is leon pokemon

When a Pokémon Trainer receives their first Pokémon at the age of 10 (11 in Alola), they often begin their journey. They may, however, begin later. The playable character in the Unova region is between the ages of 16 and 17, not 10.


As the Champion, Leon is very extroverted, incredibly amiable, and ready to intervene and seek to resolve any issues that come up in Galar (especially evident when Rose attempted to start up the Darkest Day late in the game). He needs to deal with having a public persona continually as a Champion, which is unfortunate because it can get in the way of his plans. Considering how frequently he gets lost when his Charizard isn’t there to lead the way, he also lacks a respectable sense of direction.

Additionally, he occasionally has a tendency to live excessively “at the moment” and doesn’t consider the effects on the future when serving as the Champion (though it does get better later on by post-game). He also seems to have trouble accepting failure, as shown by how he reacted when he lost in the Championship and the Battle Tower, but this is probably because he had gone years without losing before these contests.

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Leon Failed Opal’s Evaluation of Him as A Gym Rival.

how old is leon pokemon

Opal always puts prospective gym competitors to the test when they visit her facility so she can find a replacement for the Fairy-type gym whenever she stops competing in Pokémon battles. While finishing her gym, the player is treated to a mini-game incorporating this test.

Some of the players might not be aware that Leon and Sonia both failed her test when they were gym challengers. A few notes left in one of Opal’s gym rooms give away this information.