Home Celebrities How Old Is Michael Bolton: Singer’s Age, Wife, Kids, Real Name, and More Details You Need to Know

How Old Is Michael Bolton: Singer’s Age, Wife, Kids, Real Name, and More Details You Need to Know

How Old Is Michael Bolton: Singer’s Age, Wife, Kids, Real Name, and More Details You Need to Know
Michael Bolotin, often known as Michael Bolton, is an American singer and composer who was born on February 26, 1953. From the middle of the 1970s through the middle of the 1980s, Bolton’s early solo albums and those he made while serving as the lead singer of the band Blackjack both included his early hard rock and heavy metal performances. After a change in style in the late 1980s, he released a number of pop rock ballads that helped him become more well-known.
Bolton has sold more than 75 million records, produced eight albums that reached the top 10 on the Billboard charts, had two songs that peaked at number one, and has won six American Music Awards and two Grammy Awards.
With the song “Beautiful World,” he represented Connecticut at the American Song Contest in 2022.

Michael Bolton’s Age Is How Old?

how old is michael bolton

Michael Bolton, who was born on February 26, 1953, first performed heavy metal music in the middle of the 1970s and early part of the 1980s, both on his early solo albums and on those he made while fronting the band Blackjack. He switched to power ballads, nevertheless, in the late 1980s, and became well-known for his stirring love songs
Bolton has sold more than 75 million records over his career, won six American Music Awards, and two Grammy Awards had eight top 10 albums, and had two number-one singles on the Billboard charts.
When Bolton starred in The Lonely Island’s Jack Sparrow video, which has received more than 200 million views, the video became viral in 2011. He co-hosted ABC’s Celebrity Dating Game, where he performed parodies of love songs that offered hints as to the identity of the celebrities.

Physical Qualities

Michael Bolton is 1.75 m (5 feet 8 inches) tall and weighs around 75 KG. His hair and eyes are both gorgeous dark brown. There is no information online about his physical characteristics. His clothing size is unknown. He wears UK size 8 shoes. This blog will be updated as soon as we can.


how old is michael bolton

Popular American singer, songwriter, and musician Michael Bolton performed in a variety of musical genres, including blue-eyed soul, pop rock, and soft rock. Michael Bolton is a multi-instrumentalist who can play the piano and guitar. He has a string of hit pop-rock ballads to his credit. Michael Bolton has a multitude of accomplishments, including eight albums that made the top 10, six American Music Awards, two singles that peaked at number one on the Billboard charts, two Grammy Awards, and 75 million albums sold.

How Much Money Is Michael Bolton Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Michael Bolton’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. The majority of his earnings have come from his work as a singer and songwriter. He has pursued acting throughout the years, making appearances in the television programs Meet Wally Sparks, Two and a Half Men, and Dancing with the Stars season 11.
The documentary American Dream: Detroit, which depicts the resurgence of Detroit’s economy, was also directed by Bolton
In spite of his success, Bolton’s finances suffered in 1992 when the R&B group the Isley Brothers sued him, claiming that Bolton had plagiarised their song with the release of Love is a Wonderful Thing.
In 1966, the brothers had previously published a song with the same name. A Los Angeles court found in the Isley Brothers’ favor in 1994, and Bolton was ordered to pay $5 million as a result.
After Bolton filed an appeal of the ruling, the case was finally resolved in 2001, with the brothers receiving $4.2 million from Sony Music, $932,924 from Bolton, and $220,785 from Bolton’s songwriter in lieu of Bolton having to pay $5 million himself.

Does Michael Bolton Have a Wife?

how old is michael bolton

From 1975 to 1990, Bolton was wed to Maureen McGuire; the couple produced three daughters: Isa, Holly, and Taryn. In 2019, Bolton admitted to The Sydney Morning Herald that he and McGuire were much too young to have been married and that he had no idea who he was as a person.
I had three daughters and was married by the time I was in my late 20s “Bolton declared. “Guys in their 20s have no idea who they are as people.
They already know what they want to do: become doctors, lawyers, or politicians. But what about a thorough self-study?
Men typically don’t do that until their 30s or 40s, which is around 10 years later than most women, who generally seem to have a strong sense of self.
Bolton began dating Nicollette Sheridan, the star of Desperate Housewives, two years after they got divorced. They were together until 1995, but in 2005 they reconciled. In March 2006, they announced their engagement.
But it was made clear that they had called off their engagement in August 2008 and that he is now single.