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How Old Is Prince William? At What Age Did He Marry Kate Middleton?

How Old Is Prince William? At What Age Did He Marry Kate Middleton?
William, Prince of Wales KG, KT, PC, ADC (born 21 June 1982) is heir presumptive to the British monarchy. He’s King Charles III’s eldest son with Princess Diana.
William attended Wetherby, Ludgrove, and Eton. He spent his gap year in Belize and Chile before completing a Master of Arts in geography in Scotland. Before joining the Blues and Royals, William trained at Sandhurst. William graduated from RAF Cranwell in April 2008 and joined RAF Search and Rescue in early 2009. Since July 2015, he’s become a full-time pilot for East Anglian Air Ambulance.
He patronizes over 30 philanthropic and military organizations, including the Tusk Trust, Centrepoint, and London’s Air Ambulance Charity. He supports mental health, conservation, and emergency workers through The Royal Foundation. In 2014, he launched “United for Wildlife” to prevent the illegal wildlife trade. The Cambridges and Prince Harry launched “Heads Together” to promote mental health awareness in April 2016. William introduced the £50 million Earth shot Prize in October 2020 to encourage environmental solutions.

Prince William’s Schooling

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William attended Jane Mynors‘ nursery school and Wetherby School in London. Ludgrove School near Wokingham, Berkshire. William passed Eton’s entrance exam. A-Levels: Geography, Biology, Art History.
He studied Art History and Geography at St Andrew’s University, getting a Scottish MA with honors.

How Did William Meet Kate?

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William’s university flatmate Kate Middleton began dating him in 2003. As William’s guest, she attended his passing-out procession at Sandhurst.
In April 2007, it was believed that the pair had split, yet she later traveled with William and attended public engagements.
Prince William and Kate Middleton married in November 2010. October saw their engagement in Kenya. William’s engagement ring was Diana’s.
Westminster Abbey, London, hosted the wedding on April 29, 2011. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are William and Kate’s, children.

Prince William’s age.

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Prince William is 40 this year. Prince William’s military service and pilot status are unknown. In December 2006, he finished 44 weeks of officer cadet training and was commissioned.
In April 2008, he completed pilot training at RAF Cranwell. In 2009, he completed helicopter flight training to join the RAF Search and Rescue Force. His service was terminated in September 2013.
In 2014, the Duke became a pilot for the Cambridge-based East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA).
William needed a civil pilot’s license and training to lead the Air Ambulance. The post was paid, but he gave his full salary to Air Ambulance. In July 2017, the Duke resigned.

Prince William’s Scar:

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William was taken to Royal Berkshire Hospital on June 3, 1991, after being accidentally hit with a golf club.
He didn’t lose consciousness but had a depressed skull fracture, resulting in a lifelong scar.
He called it a “Harry Potter scar” in 2009. “I call it that because it shines sometimes, but not always,” he remarked.