Home Celebrities How Old Is Tiafoe? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiafoe

How Old Is Tiafoe? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiafoe

How Old Is Tiafoe? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe is ATP’s youngest top-50 player. Tiafoe plays aggressively, relying on a huge serve and strong forehands. In February 2019, he reached global no. 29.


how old is tiafoe

Frances Tiafoe won the 2018 Delray Beach Open. The 23-year-old reached the 2019 Australian Open quarterfinals.

He made his grand slam debut at the 2015 French Open, becoming the first 17-year-old American since Michael Chang and Pete Sampras in 1989.

The American ranked 108th in 2016. He was his age’s top player for a second year. Tiafoe upsets strong players.

He beat Alexander Zverev, Juan Martin del Potro, Kevin Anderson, and Grigor Dimitrov. In the 2017 US Open first round, Frances Tiafoe took Roger Federer to five sets.

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Age and Height

Born in 1998. 6’2″ tall. Wayne Ferreira and Zack Evenden train him.

Pay and Wealth

how old is tiafoe

Tennis earnings were higher. It’s $3,439,925. 2019 estimates put Tiafoe’s net worth at $4 million, with a $2 million annual salary.

Tiafoe started the 2019 season at the Australian Open, where he beat Kevin Anderson, Andreas Seppi, and Grigor Dimitrov. Rafael Nadal beat him.

The old-win timers were foreseen. Frances agreed that playing against such a tremendous athlete was difficult.

11-17 February 2019 was ATP New York Open. First, Tiafoe played Taiwan’s, Jason Jung. The sportsmen have played aggressively before. Jung, the favorite, won in two sets.

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The young athlete’s personal life is likewise happy. Since February 2016, Frances has dated Ayan Broomfield. The couple posts many Instagram photos together and openly discusses marriage.

Tiafoe entered pro sports for his parents. In March 2017, he bought his mother a property in Maryland and his father an apartment in Orlando. The athlete has a $2 million net worth and ambitions of becoming the world’s top tennis player.

Tiafoe’s first tennis ball featured del Potro’s autograph. Each player won twice. Frances is a role model for black youngsters.

Who Can Afford That?

how old is tiafoe

I’ve spoken to several parents of young Black girls who indicated they were prepared to make the financial commitment because female tennis players have so many college chances (typically nine full scholarships per team at the Division I level).

Men’s? Shelton said Division I teams have 4.5 scholarships, which are distributed among numerous players. Fewer scholarships reduce the incentive to raise a college-level male athlete.

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Lucky Tiafoe. He Was that Excellent at 17, He Turned Pro.

What if Frances hadn’t been exposed to and had access to tennis in primary school?

What if Martin Blackman, then director of the Junior Tennis Champions Center in College Park, Md., hadn’t discovered Tiafoe’s talent?

Blackman, leader of the U.S.T.A.’s player development program, said, “We wouldn’t be here talking about him.” Tiafoe wouldn’t be a U.S. semifinalist. LeBron James praised the Open. Tiafoe may not play tennis.

I interviewed Tiafoe via videoconference when the San Francisco Bay Area chapter of the NJTL gave me its Arthur Ashe Award of Excellence in 2020.