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How to Make Money on Tiktok: 5 Easy Ideas how To Make Money on Tik Tok

Through TikTok’s Creator Fund, TikTokers with over 100,000 followers typically makes $200 to $1,000 per month, while those with over 1,000,000 followers make $1,000 to $5,000 (or more) each month. And a select few people who work with well-known corporations can earn up to $100,000 to $250,000 for a single post (yep, you read that right—a single post).

How do users profit from TikTok? Well, there are a few ways, and we’ll explore 14 of them.

How to Make Money in 2022 on Tik Tok

Many of these strategies can be implemented by a company, but some call for you to turn TikTok into your own company. Any firm can use TikTok ads, for instance, to increase traffic to their online store, but earning money through TikTok’s Creator Fund or by working as a brand ambassador will require more of your time.

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1. Sell Products on Tik Tok Shopping, First

how to make money on tiktok

In order to enable businesses to sell things directly on the platform—and stop sending customers elsewhere to do so—TikTok created TikTok Shopping in 2021. TikTok Shopping gives your profile a shopping tab so viewers may view items from your Shopify catalogue. In order to direct readers to your business, you can also tag your products in the material you post.

Do not be timid. Tell your audience about your products. While being overly promotional should be avoided, don’t forget to occasionally mention your TikTok store.

2. Tik Tok Ads to Boost Sales

To increase traffic to your website, online business, or even your TikTok Shopping tab, use TikTok advertisements. To increase your TikTok following, you might run in-feed image advertisements promoting your items or use TopView commercials (fullscreen takeovers) creatively. Both options can help you monetize the network.

As a top-of-funnel tool, TikTok may also be used to encourage consumers to subscribe to your email list or SMS marketing. This method can protect your TikTok account from coming out as overly salesy while still being a powerful cash generator.

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3. Join Affiliate Marketing Initiatives

how to make money on tiktok

To generate money on TikTok, you don’t need to offer your own goods and services. Use affiliate marketing as a substitute to link to different products and earn a portion of each transaction when a user clicks through and makes a purchase. This is how:

Add an affiliate link to your profile and encourage visitors from organic views to click it.

Transmit visitors to your Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest accounts so that you can add affiliate links there more freely.

Add URLs and promotional codes to the descriptions of your videos. The link must be copied and pasted into the user’s browser.

4. Encourage Music

Earn money by including music in your videos. On TikTok, almost every video contains a background song that the makers can lip sync and dance to, and musicians are aware of the significance of this. Musicians will pay you if you have a sizable fan base and level of engagement to advertise their music in your tracks.

They are aware that if your video goes viral, their song will too, which will increase sales of merchandise, concert tickets, and downloads.

You can use TikTok to market your own music if you are (or plan to become) a musician. Since TikTok is a platform for dancing and singing, posting your own beats there simply makes sense.

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5. Sign up For the Tik Tok Creator Fund

how to make money on tiktok

The TikTok Creator Fund is the platform’s initiative to reward users for producing interesting content. TikTok rewards you more the more people watch your videos. TikTok pays producers that contribute to their goal of keeping users on the platform (so they can earn money from advertising).

To join the Creator Fund, you must have received at least 100K video views in the last 30 days. Since it’s still a new concept for TikTok, be prepared to see the program develop over the ensuing months and years.


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