how to screen share on facetime

How to Screen Share on Facetime: Face Time on Your iPhone or iPad Lets You Share Your Screen.

Apple has made it quite obvious that it wants to compete with well-known video conferencing services like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet with a new FaceTime app. Additionally, features like FaceTime calls from iOS to Android, FaceTime movie watching, and screen sharing give it a significant competitive advantage over its rivals. Now read this helpful guide if you’re interested in finding out how to use Screen Share in FaceTime on iOS 15.

Use Face Time on Your iPhone’s Screen Share Feature (2022)

how to screen share on facetime

Let’s first comprehend how the new screen-sharing functionality in FaceTime functions before beginning the simple actions!

How Does FaceTime’s Screen Sharing Function? What Is Screen Sharing?

Screen sharing might be something you’re already accustomed to if you’ve used video conferencing programs like Zoom and Google Meet. You can display your screen to others so they can see your activity in real-time. It is useful for both general meetings and online presentations made with Microsoft Powerpoint or other similar programs. Additionally, the capability of sharing your screen allows you to avoid the time and effort of uploading files, papers, or films, which makes it a tremendous advantage in a world where virtual meetings are the norm.

Blurring your background during FaceTime chats is entertaining, but the service also lets users watch movies, share their screen to access apps, and listen to music (through Apple Music). In iOS 15, Apple made the SharePlay API available so that developers could incorporate it into their streaming applications. And for this reason, SharePlay kind of changes the FaceTime game.

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During a FaceTime Call, Is It Possible to Share Your Screen with Android and Windows Users?

how to screen share on facetime

Users of Android and Windows can receive FaceTime links and attend meetings through the browser, but they are limited to those two actions. The video calling app is only partially functioning on Android and Windows, in a typical Apple way. Additionally, SharePlay is only intended for use within the Apple ecosystem. This implies that only those who own an iPhone, iPad, or Mac can fully utilize SharePlay.

By the time iOS 15 is made available to everyone later this fall, things may have changed because it is still a work in progress. If Apple modifies the feature in a significant way, we’ll update this tutorial. Until then, use this approach to show other FaceTime users your screen on iOS 15.

When Using FaceTime on I Os 15, Share Your Screen.

1. On your iOS device, open FaceTime.

2. To create a FaceTime meeting link, hit Create Link. After that, click the I icon and select “Share Link.” Then, send your pals the meeting link by text, email, iMessage, or WhatsApp. Start a FaceTime call after that.

3. Tap the “Screen Share” button in the upper right corner of the new controls panel while you are on a FaceTime chat.

4. After that, choose “Share My Screen.” Screen sharing will begin following a brief countdown (3, 2, 1).

5. After that, go to the app you want to screen share through FaceTime with your loved ones. I’m done now.

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Face Time Screen Share Not Working After I Os 15 Update? This Is Why!

how to screen share on facetime

Since the stable iOS 15 upgrades began rolling out two days ago, we have noticed a deluge of complaints claiming that the screen share feature in FaceTime is not functioning properly for many customers. We decided to look into the issue, and it turns out that Apple has postponed the release of the FaceTime screen sharing feature.

The FaceTime SharrePlay functionality was present in the iOS 15 beta at the time this article was written, but it is absent from the stable edition. That is why many of you are currently unable to use the feature. Asterisks have been added to the SharePlay function for FaceTime in iOS 15 to indicate that it will be included in a future software version, according to an update from Apple.

On Twitter, the Cupertino behemoth responded to a user’s worry that the FaceTime screen-sharing functionality was not functional in iOS 15, saying that it would not be “available until later this fall.”

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On the iPhone and iPad, Use FaceTime to Share Your Screen.

how to screen share on facetime

So that’s how you can utilize FaceTime on an iOS or iPadOS device to share your screen. I’m happy with Apple’s decision to transform FaceTime into a feature-rich video conferencing tool, even though I would prefer to have a fully functional FaceTime web app that allows everyone to utilize the video-calling software without any restrictions. As I previously mentioned, the official release of iOS 15 is still some time away, so Apple may make changes to FaceTime to make it more usable for users of Android and Windows.

What do you think of the updated FaceTime, then? Do you believe it has the capabilities to become a go-to video conferencing software for both professional and personal use? Please share your opinions in the space provided below.