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Ikea Hacks: Outstanding Wall-To-Wall Dining Display Unit

The finest IKEA hacks are an economical and easy method to give a room fresh appeal without breaking the bank, whether you want to be more environmentally friendly or you have a renovation budget you need to stay within.
These simple DIY projects not only are easy on your wallet but also guarantee that your home will have a stylish look with a cool, personalized touch. Nobody wants to have furniture that matches exactly what their neighbors have, after all.
According to our editor Pip Rich, “IKEA hacks are routine procedure here at Livingetc.” We adore how much personality and flair can be given to IKEA’s pre-made products by layering creativity on top of them. The only restriction seems to be how much time and imagination you have, based on what we are sharing here.

Fabulous Wall-To-Wall Dining Display Unit Creation

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Using Billy bookcases and Oxberg glass doors, Steph @henrikjunehome made this lovely wall-to-wall storage into an alcove. It required exacting measuring techniques, a lot of work, and creative ingenuity.
Steph started by ripping off the skirting boards in the alcove to build the unit. The hardest thing, according to her, was starting and ruining the perfectly good baseboards.
With the help of some leftover plywood, Steph created a robust base for the Billy bookcases and added a butcher block countertop.
With the help of studs, screws, and brackets constructed from scrap wood, she extended the depth of the built-in bookcases. The Billy bookcases and side panels were then inserted. She can store more items and be more organized thanks to the greater depth.
To give the storage a chic backdrop, Steph placed the shelves and adhered pieces of wood shiplap to the back panel. She painted the doors individually when the frame was finished and painted it white. After they dried, she fastened them to the frame. After all that struggle, uncertainty, and hard work, Steph says, “It was totally worth it.”

A Tarva Chest of Drawers in Back

An old IKEA Tarva chest of drawers that @ebonybasten, a skilled furniture changer, purchased from Facebook Marketplace has been completely changed.
Ebony began by polishing the wooden drawer unit and removing the dated handles.
She drilled fresh holes for the new knobs and filled any gaps with wood filler.
To highlight the grain pattern on the lower half of the chest of drawers, she blended two wood dyes and applied them. She painted the top half in matt black paint after measuring and using frog tape to guarantee straight lines.
Once dry, fit drawer knobs in the opposite color—brass for the top drawers and black for the lower drawers.
Ebony even installed fitted peel and stick wallpaper drawer liners, though she acknowledges that this process was somewhat tedious. The second time I’ve done drawer liners, I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike doing them, says Ebony. “They look fantastic, but it’s really tiresome.”
Even with sharp blades, cutting paper can cause bunching, which is part of the issue. A fellow hacker named @lucysfurniture designs shared a suggestion she’d seen in which poster board was simply wrapped and inserted into drawers after being cut to the appropriate size.

Make a Classic Hemnes Tv Stand Into a Modern Media Unit

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Another excellent design from Australian @ebonybasten. An outdated, dark-brown Hemnes TV stand was transformed into a chic media unit by Ebony. As the one she had was made of wood, she primed it, sanded it down to the bare wood, and then painted it white with a mixture of 50% paint and 50% water.
Ebony advises using a mixture of 25% emulsion and 75% water for a lighter covering. “Reverse it for darker coverage; use 75% paint and 25% water.” Long, even strokes are used to paint the whitewash. After about a minute, let it sit before wiping it off with a towel free of melanin. Ebony advises applying a second application if it is patchy in order to smooth it out.
She finished by using a water-based (not oiled-based, which will yellow it).
The rest of the frame and drawers were painted by Ebony in a light grey Dulux shade, and the drawers received brass knobs.

A Hemnes Shoes Cabinet Shaken Up

@maxinealamaison purchased this vintage Hemnes shoe cabinet from Facebook Marketplace and gave it a chic makeover.
Maxine cleaned the used cabinet with sugar soap after removing the doors and 180 grit sanding the frame. To make sanding, cleaning, and painting the doors and unit simpler, she removed the plastic shoe holders and handles from within.
She utilized Johnstone’s paint that was color-matched to Mole’s breath by Farrow & Ball. ‘ The finest moment is when Maxine says, “Maxine,” when the first coat is applied. It’s really fulfilling.
After the second coat had been applied, Maxine used a saw and miter box to cut some pine moldings to add a fashionable finishing touch to the doors.
According to Maxine, using a miter box guarantees that all of the molding cuts have 45-degree angles so they fit. “I next use 180 grit paper to sand the edges until they are smooth.”
When the doors were dry, Maxine decided on a 25 mm space around the outside edge of the doors and placed the moldings there to check how they looked before gluing them in place. She cleaned up any glue seepage and used clamps to hold the moldings in place while they cured.
Then she painted the pine moldings, caulked any cracks, and reattached the plastic shoe holders to the inside of the doors. Before painting the front of the doors with two additional coats.
For the purpose of fixing the new (larger chrome cup) handles in the same location, Maxine made a little template that was aligned to the old handle holes. She was able to drill through the doors while using these holes as guides. The installation of new hardware is Maxine’s favorite element of upcycling furniture.

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