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Ikshana – Best Farming App

Ikshana – Best Farming App

Ikshana is a free android app for smart farming that arms farmers with technology and AI to monitor crop, pest management, and satellite monitoring thereby contributing to increasing yield and sustainable farming. Ikshana is the best Indian Agriculture App that helps farmers in many ways by providing services such as Satellite Monitoring, pest management, farm management, fruit counting, and a host of others. Ikshana provides pest management solutions for 20+ cash crops and detects 350+ crop diseases.

Ikshana Vision

Sustainable farming practices for a better tomorrow.

Global players and farmers around the world are committed to meeting the needs of growing populations by producing more, using less land and fewer resources, and implementing sustainable agriculture practices. Such practices “are intended to protect the environment, expand the Earth’s natural resource base, and maintain and improve soil fertility.” Using Ikshana, a suite of data-driven services and technologies harnesses plant-level data to drive precise field actions in order to streamline farm operations and increase food production efficiency.


What Ikshana Offers:

Crop Doctor- Get instant reports

Detect pests and diseases on crops by providing symptoms and getting recommended treatment for crop diagnosis.

Fruit Counting

Take the guesswork out of setting accurate crop yield targets. Ikshana’s unique camera feature helps to track the count and size of your crop, tracking progress from bud to the bin, which makes it the best app for horticulture and agriculture.

Satellite Monitoring

Monitor your field using satellite imagery. Draw your farm boundaries and get the latest, updated, and free satellite imagery data of your field. Satellite-Based remote monitoring provides an abundance of info at various stages of the crop, which helps in important decision-making.

Farm Management

Ikshana allows the user to choose a pre-selected issue type (e.g., crop diseases, pests, water, weeds, plant lodging) or create a blank note. Customize your note by adding a note color, writing a comment, or adding a photo. The note will be pinned on your field map.

Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast for your area and see our spraying time recommendations.

Smart Farming

Ikshana has an abundance of information for farmers. Features like Field Utilization, which computes actual field utilized resulting in crop yield and best time to spray, are supplementary features which are beneficial for smart farming.

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Ikshana provides a lot of other features which have good utilities for farmers. They are

  • Best Time to spray crop: Based on weather conditions we predict the best time to spray.
  • Actual Field Utilization: Based on satellite data we calculate the actual field being used for Crops.
  • Nutrient Deficiency in Crops: We keep farmers updated with any nutrient deficiency in crops and also provided its diagnosis and management.

Ikshana is completely free and available in Hindi and English. Download it from the Google play store and enjoy smart farming solutions at your fingertips.

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