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Kim Kardashian Asked Therapists and Waited Six Months Before Introducing Her Children to Pete!

Before introducing her children to Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian had a therapy session.

During an appearance on Today, Kim Kardashian spoke candidly about the procedures she followed before introducing her four kids to her fiancé Pete Davidson.

A range of issues, including her present relationship, was discussed in the discussion with the mogul who dropped by the program.

First seen out together in October 2021, Kardashian and Davidson. The reality TV star kissed the comedian during a Saturday Night Live spoof in which they both participated together not long before.

She held off on introducing Davidson to North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, her children from her relationship with Kanye West, despite the fact that they have been together for that long. She did this after waiting around six months and consulting with many therapists.

I talked to some therapists and others who had gone through it. I was determined to hold off for six months. According to Kardashian, that served as the marker. “I believe that everyone’s situation is unique and that various strategies will work best for various individuals. To be as considerate and cautious as you can, though, you must simply act as it feels appropriate.

Davidson has been seen out and about in recent months with a number of her kids, according to TMZ. But looking at the timeframe of their connection, the six-month criterion does seem to hold up.

She admitted that she took roughly ten months after divorcing Davidson before she even considered dating again, even though she waited six months to allow Davidson to see her kids.

In a recent interview with the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, Kardashian acknowledged that she felt a spark when she first kissed her costar on Saturday Night Live. BDE, a term that was used when Davidson was dating Ariana Grande, was another item that attracted her to the celebrity, according to the woman.

On Today, interestingly enough, Kardashian also alluded to her connection with West. Her admission of spending Father’s Day with the rapper with her children was made public.

While Kardashian and West went through a trying period when her ex started stalking both them and Davidson on social media, they now appear to be working things out and co-parenting together. Even at one of North’s basketball games, Page Six reported that they were seen together.

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