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Korean Drama Glitch Season 1 Release Date on Netflix 2022

Korean Drama Glitch Season 1 Release Date on Netflix 2022

The story of a man who is able to see the future in his dreams. He then meets a woman who has the same ability. They are drawn together by their powers but also apart because they know that when they meet, one will die. Watch this drama now! It’s only available for streaming on Viki! Click here to watch it now!

Netflix is set to premiere the latest South Korean thriller, Glitch, this month. The films follow the exploits of a woman who is involved with his boyfriend. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, was consumed by a strange and otherworldly light one day. Now she’s lost and looking for her partner.

Things took an unexpected turn when she heard about a terrible and sinister secret, thanks to her UFO watchers allies.

Jin Han-Sae and Roh Deok, the creative team behind the popular romantic comedy thriller “Very Ordinary Couple,” are back at it.

This is the second time Netflix and Tvn have collaborated to produce a show, following Vicenzo’s worldwide success. When these two media giants come together, it’s a sign that something big is about to happen.

00 a.m., ET (5 p.m., local time).


When will Glitch season 1 be available on Netflix?

The South Korean drama, which has yet to be scheduled, was delayed after the Covid-19 disaster. However, it is expected that the program will air in late December.

Glitch Season 1 Cast

After Vicenzo’s blockbuster success, Jeon Yeo Bin reprises his role as Hong Ji Hyo in the sequel. In the historical drama “The Ancient Kingdom,” Nana, who was known for her appearances in movies such as “Into the Ring” and “Genesis,” portrays a 17-year-old named ‘Heo Bo-ra.’

Heo Bo Ra is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer with just a few hundred subscribers and followers who specialize in mysteries.

She is part of a UFO watcher group in which she uses only her keyboard as her weapon. She spends the majority of her time live-streaming and editing her films, oblivious to what’s going on in the world. Lee Dong Hwi, who plays Ma Hyung Woo in the “Pegasus Market” and “Reply 1988,” is anticipated to return for his part.

Baek Joo Hee and Ryu Kyung Soo are among the cast members.

Some of the actors in this comedy-thriller are recognizable from their favorite Netflix Originals South Korean drama.

Bae Baek Joo Hee is an actress who has taken on a variety of roles in both film and television. She played the main role of Cho Mi Jung in Netflix’s original ‘Extracurricular.’ Baek Joo Hee is cast as a wealthy brothel madame. Seasonal celebrities and seasoned actors and actresses such as Jeon Yeo Bin, who played the love interest in Netflix’s recent original ‘Vincenzo,’ will appear.

In 2020, Netflix’s ‘Lovestruck in the city’ included Ryu Kyung Soo as Kang Gun.

What is the total number of episodes in ‘Glitch’ season 1?

According to the Glitch Wikipedia page, there will be a total of 16 episodes in the series.

The average episode count for the vast majority of K-dramas.

Every episode will last an hour, according to the website.

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