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Leon Barretto Stands up For His Sisters and Pleads with Their Father Dennis Padilla to Refrain from Using Public Shaming Tactics! Against Them.

Leon Barretto steps up for sisters, asks dad Dennis Padilla: ‘Please stop resorting to public shaming’

In an open letter to his father Dennis Padilla regarding the actor’s “public shaming” of his sisters, Leon Barretto broke his silence and spoke out in support of his sisters.

According to Leon’s Instagram page today, June 26, he started his open letter to his father by apologizing to Padilla for forgetting to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

“We never seem to know where we are with you every year,” he stated. “[Father’s Day] has always been an unpleasant day for us.” “People who never even had to hesitate to wish their fathers a “Happy Father’s Day” have always had my envy.”

The relationship between Leon, Julia, and Claudia Padilla, as well as them, has been continually “rebuilt” for the past ten years, according to Leon. Leon added that anytime they try to find a solution to their problems, Padilla “shouts, curses, and uses cruel language,” which traumatizes them.

“For the past ten years, we have worked really hard to gradually repair the bridge you consistently destroy whenever you discuss our personal concerns in your press conferences, interviews, and social media posts. Why do you seem to relish injuring your kids in front of people, papa? said Leon. Do you believe it hurts none of us to not feel safe from our own father?

Padilla was then reminded of his verbal “power to harm his children” when Leon questioned Padilla on his purported quest for public sympathy.

Leon said to Padilla, “I have seen for years as my sisters have been torn apart by your false stories, and not once have I heard them defend themselves or speak ill of you in public.” “I’m stepping up to protect my sisters as the lone man in the family,” the man said.

Father, I desire tranquility. When things don’t go your way, could you perhaps quite publicly humiliate yourself?

Leon expressed in his letter his desire for the day when Padilla’s Father’s Day greeting “comes from a place of appreciation and healing” as he put it.

A few days prior to Leon’s open letter, Padilla had publicly said that his children from his previous marriage to Marjorie Barretto “forgot” to welcome him on a special day.

Marjorie had provided a statement to comedian-talent manager Ogie Diaz and stated that she would address the situation “in time.” Julia and Claudia have yet to respond to this.

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