Home Celebrities Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating? New Apex Legends Animation Addresses Relationship Trauma and Dinner Plans

Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating? New Apex Legends Animation Addresses Relationship Trauma and Dinner Plans

Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating? New Apex Legends Animation Addresses Relationship Trauma and Dinner Plans

Loba and Valkyrie’s vocal harmonies are enticing. Welcoming yet odd all at the same time: that’s how I would describe this video. Loba is Valkyrie’s primary concern, yet it appears the two of them have been thinking about each other an entire while. They may be attracted to each other because they have a common history. Valkyrie is a new character introduced in the ninth season of the game. To honour her father’s legacy, flight specialist Valkyrie has entered the ranks of the world’s greatest heroes.

For someone who joined the organisation so recently, she has an impressive amount of backstory. The main adversary of the Titanfall series is Kairi Valkyrie Imahara, the Viper’s daughter. One of the most formidable characters in the game is Valkyrie. As a Recon Legend, she is capable of detecting Survey Beacons. The Skyward Dive is the most powerful weapon in Valkyrie’s arsenal.

No setbacks in defence, fighting or helping other players achieve the pinnacle of their abilities are a concern for her. As for the future of Loba and Valkyrie, as well as Bangalore’s probable involvement, there could be some fascinating connections.

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Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating?

Are Loba and Valkyrie Dating?

It’s hard not to be seduced by the vocal harmony between Loba and Valkyrie. At the same time, it’s both heartwarming and confusing. Even though Valkyrie and Loba are clearly attracted to one another, I can tell that they’ve been thinking about one other during the entire game. It’s safe to assume that they were brought together by a common history. Valkyrie is a new character for Season 9. It was important to Valkyrie to honour her father’s memories by leaving a lasting mark on the world.

For someone who’s just joined the ranks, she has a lot of experience to draw from. Kairi Valkyrie Imahara, Viper’s daughter, is a villain in the Titanfall video game series. When it comes to gameplay, Valkyrie is one of the most powerful heroes. The ability to locate Survey Beacons makes her a Recon Legend. Last but not least, Valkyrie has the Skyward Dive as her most lethal attack. She may use it to help other players achieve the highest levels of the game without being knocked down, as well as defend herself and fight with it. Aside from that, future events involving Loba and Valkyrie could have a beneficial impact, and Bangalore could interject.

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Who Are Loba and Bangalore, and What Do They Do?

Taking something requires the ability to move it quickly and discretely. She has the ability to extricate herself out of any risky scenario without any help from anyone else. If used right, her skills can be devastating and game-changing. A newcomer to the show in Season 5, she has quickly established herself as an expert in procuring top-tier equipment for the sake of her teammates. Loot can be picked up from a safe distance thanks to Loba’s passive eye. No additional fees are required to see the renowned city of Bangalore if you choose to play the game as-is. Both offensively and defensively, she’s dangerous. Her powers allow her to sprint 30 per cent faster.


A love connection can be explored in Apex Legends, even though it isn’t the finest video game for expressing romantic interests. There will be a lot of Loba, Bangalore, and Valkyrie pairings. A character who was all about revenge, in the beginning, has since altered his ways. Throughout the course of the year, their bond gets stronger. Loba and Bangalore’s relationship continued to blossom after season 6. These three mythical beings are certain to get involved in some sort of love triangle.

Although Bangalore insisted she solely worried about Loba’s rule-breaking, it rapidly became evident that Bangalore’s passionate vendetta against Loba had far more to do with personal feelings than Loba’s explosive arrival in Season 5.

When Revenant stated Loba and Bangalore were spending their nights together, he wasn’t exactly speaking to “ladies’ nights.” Their on-screen chemistry was on full display in Season 9.

Later that season, a fatal virus attacked Olympus, contaminating Bangalore and placing Loba in charge of hunting out hazardous Carthage spiders on Gaea in order to create a treatment for the illness. They returned with the arachnids they’d chased down, which contained the cure for all of the sick patients that they’d saved.

“Just friends,” Loba said to the other Legends as she arrived at Bangalore’s hospital room with a bunch of flowers in her hand.

In an interview, Valkyrie, a lesbian character in Apex Legends, was confirmed as such.

According to Erika Ishii, who plays Valkyrie in Apex Legends, and Tom Casiello, a Respawn writer, the character has been proven to be a lesbian.

Apex Legends is the most popular battle royale game right now. This game has a lot to offer, including a vibrant LGBTQIA+ community and canonical interactions between characters of all orientations and identities.

For members of the LGBTQIA+ community, this season may be the queerest yet. Starting with Loba and Bangalore’s romance, Fuse’s friendship with Bloodhound, Tom Casiello and Erika Ishii has stated that Valkyrie is a lesbian in an interview with MoonLiteWolf.

During this interview, Casiello said something that other game developers should not be hesitant to speak. For the LGBTQIA+ fans of the game and its characters to show their support.

The inclusion of a non-binary character or the fact that we are releasing two black women does not make our game any less enjoyable for those who object to these things. Goodbye.”

Ishii, on the other hand, recorded voice lines to lend her voice to the character’s fascination with women. “I enjoy my women like I like my sake” remark in Season 9 comics and in-game Loba flirty conversation.

One of the many pleasures of Apex Legends’ latest season is Valkyrie’s confirmation as a lesbian.