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LOVE AND LEASHES REVIEW : New Movie on Netflix

Love and Leashes (Feb. 11) is the rare high-profile South Korean import that does not involve science fiction or the supernatural, and it arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day in the vein of cutesy Fifty Shades of Grey romance. Park Hyun-film jin’s tells the story of a professional woman and her docile new coworker as they forge a special bond. Even though it’s a fun dessert, it serves as a reminder that love may be discovered in the most unlikely places and that no amount of BDSM will ever make someone fall head over heels in adoration.


With ‘Love and Leashes,’ another major streaming service hopes to win over viewers with Korean dramas and comedic shorts. Unfortunately, the work is only partially rewarded this time. For bringing a taboo topic into the public and discussing sexual freedom and acceptance, Love and Leashes deserve full marks. There are a few moments when you get a glimpse of the sparks, but they’re fleeting and you’ve already lost interest by then. Despite this, it gets praise for treating a sensitive subject in a fun and bubbly way.

Jung Ji Hoo and Jung Ji Woo, two coworkers with the same name, are the focus of this romantic comedy. He joins an online educational company as a PR manager, where his coworker Jung Ji Woo reports to him as a PR manager. A slew of secrets are uncovered when a parcel intended for another Hoo is opened by Woo. It is clear from the contents of the box that the PR manager has a strong interest in BDSM (sexual aspects that include dominance, submission and masochism). Rather than falling in love, they agree to create a relationship in which the woman is his master and in which they can explore their sexual fantasies without getting physically intimate. When the PR manager rejects a date, the storey takes a turn.

A common topic in Western countries, ‘Love and Leashes,’ is brought to light in a fresh way in the Philippines. There have been rumblings about BDSM as the world gets smaller, but no one here is willing to openly discuss such a forbidden issue. Based only on this, Love and Leashes may not have many viewers. On the other hand, the film just scratches the surface of a problem that is widely known but rarely addressed.

Seo Hyun and Lee Jun Young star in this Korean webtoon rom-com as the lead couple. Girls Generation star Seo Hyun and U-Kiss member Lee Jun Young are both well-known in the K-pop scene. Only the directing has failed to elevate the actors’ honest performances. The writer has done an excellent job of capturing Hoo’s weakness and submissiveness without turning him into a sly figure. He has been shown as someone who is in complete control of his sexuality. Woo, played by Seo Hyun, packs a punch and does a wonderful job of portraying someone who is new to BDSM but is eager to learn more.

Many myths about BDSM’s dominance and submission dynamics are dispelled in the film. Finally, it’s a movie about one’s own sexual inclinations and the liberties that come with them. Despite the fact that it isn’t as gripping as other of Korea’s recent K dramas, this film is nevertheless worth a look for the sheer weight of its subject matter.


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