Home What's Wrong Lt. Tom ‘iceman’ Kazansky: What Happens to The Iceman Played by Val Kilmer in “top Gun”?

Lt. Tom ‘iceman’ Kazansky: What Happens to The Iceman Played by Val Kilmer in “top Gun”?

Lt. Tom ‘iceman’ Kazansky: What Happens to The Iceman Played by Val Kilmer in “top Gun”?

Since the 1986 release of the blockbuster action movie “Top Gun,” more than thirty years have passed. A follow-up to the beloved movie debuted on the big screen 36 years later with a plot that links in both the old actors and fresh talent.

Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise), a US Navy pilot, is at the center of “Top Gun: Maverick.” He is given the task of training a crew of young but skilled test pilots to complete a hazardous mission while also falling in love with Penny, a bar owner and the daughter of an admiral. Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of Maverick’s comrade Goose, who perished in a plane crash, is one of Maverick’s gang of pilots.

Aside from Cruise, the movie also features some of the original cast members, such as actor Val Kilmer. Many fans were thrilled to see Kilmer reprise his role as Lt. Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, but many have questioned why his character scarcely had any dialogue. This is the explanation for the actor’s mostly nonverbal performance in “Top Gun: Maverick.”

What Happens to The Iceman Played by Val Kilmer in “top Gun”?

Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky

In the first “Top Gun,” Maverick and the arrogant Iceman enroll in TOPGUN, the Navy Weapons Fighter School. Maverick and Iceman battle it out at TOPGUN to be regarded as the top pilots in the program, and their rivalry ultimately puts them in peril.

However, Maverick assists Iceman in fending off multiple hostile fighter jets by the film’s conclusion, and the two grow to admire one another. At the end of the movie, Iceman says, “You can be my wingman whenever you want,” to which Maverick replies, “Bullsh*t, you can be mine.”

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What Function Does Iceman Play in “top Gun: Maverick”?

Since their initial reconciliation at TOPGUN 30 years ago, Iceman and Maverick have remained friends. Iceman is now the commander of the US Pacific Fleet and an admiral. Iceman assigns Maverick to TOPGUN after they argue about how Rear Admiral Chester “Hammer” Cain (Ed Harris) carried out some flight exercises, and the two eventually cross paths again, albeit he now looks very different from previously.

It is discovered that Iceman has terminal cancer and has trouble communicating during a vulnerable scene between Maverick and Iceman.

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Why Is Val Kilmer’s Iceman in “top Gun: Maverick” Speechless?

Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky

Kilmer’s real-life health battle served as the inspiration for Iceman’s depressing diagnosis in “Top Gun: Maverick,” which explains why he has so few lines in the movie.

In 2014, Kilmer received a diagnosis of throat cancer. The actor reportedly found a lump in his throat, which made it difficult for him to swallow and also caused him to hemorrhage, according to The New York Times Magazine.

Kilmer underwent two tracheotomies and chemotherapy as part of his treatment, which left his throat permanently damaged and affected his ability to speak. Kilmer no longer has cancer, but he still uses an electric voice box to communicate.

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How Did “top Gun: Maverick” Recreate Val Kilmer’s Voice?

Lt. Tom 'Iceman' Kazansky

If Kilmer could communicate or not, Cruise was keen to have him join him again on screen when “Top Gun: Maverick” production got underway. Producer of “Top Gun,” Jerry Bruckheimer, claimed the actor tried to get Kilmer on board in a 2021 interview with People.

“We must have Val, he must come back, he said. He must appear in the movie. And he was the catalyst. We all desired him, but Tom was certain that Val must be in the sequel to Top Gun if it is to be made.”

A digital company called Sonatic helped Kilmer create a voice for the movie. In order to construct an artificially intelligent model that could duplicate Kilmer’s voice and even his emotions while speaking, the business created a voice model of the actor using archival recordings of him speaking, according to Fortune.

This is the voice that spectators hear from Kilmer in “Top Gun: Maverick” when Iceman speaks with Maverick via a computer. Once Sonatic got the ideal voice, “creative teams were able to add text and fine-tune the performance,” according to the press release.