Home Celebrities Maitland Ward Net Worth 2022: How Much Does She Earns?

Maitland Ward Net Worth 2022: How Much Does She Earns?

Maitland Ward Net Worth 2022: How Much Does She Earns?

A lot of people are curious about the net worth of their favorite artists, actors, and celebrities. In the pron world, there are a lot of doubts about the wealth of rising stars. How much are you worth? Fans and viewers are curious. In addition, we’ll look into the wealth of one such emerging celebrity in this piece. The Net Worth of Maitland Ward is the subject of this article. In addition, her professional background and earnings will be discussed in the piece.

It’s no secret that Maitland Ward used to be a television actress, a model, and a pornographer. Rachel McGuire on Boy Meets World was one of her most memorable roles. As Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful, she had a prominent role. From late 2019 onward, her acting work has shifted from mainstream to sex-oriented projects. Ward played Jessica Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful. She starred in the show from 1994 until 1996. Her first acting part came when she was 16, a junior in high school. In the eighth season of USA High, Ward appeared as a guest star on ABC’s Home Improvement. With Mario Lopez and Jay Thomas, he appeared in the 2000 television film Killing Mr. Griffin.

Among the show’s most prominent cast members, Rachel McGuire debuted in 1998. She became a permanent part of the cast in season six. She played that character throughout the whole of the show’s run, which ended in the year 2000. Before playing in the independent film Dish Dogs, Ward made a brief appearance on Boy Meets World. The romantic comedy Dish Dogs was released in theatres on February 22, 2003. Sean Astin and Matthew Lillard also star in this flick. After that, she starred in White Chicks, a 2004 comedy film. She starred opposite Shawn and Marlon Wayans in this film.

Maitland Ward Net Worth 2022

Every time a new form of Maithwal emerges, her admirers go giddy with anticipation. She’s gained a devoted following since breaking into the spotlight as an actress, cosplayer, and pron star. Maitland Ward’s admirers have also posed a number of queries. Inquiries about Maitland Ward’s net worth are included in this section. Maitland Ward’s net worth is estimated to be at $2 million In addition, she worked tirelessly to amass such a big fortune. In addition, she earns $ 4,00,000 a year. Approximately $32,000 is what she makes each month.

How Does Maitland Make Money?

Maitland now has a variety of sources of income, including acting, Patreon, OnlyFans, and the social-paying site Patreon.

OnlyFans, she said with pride, is the source of all of her income. In an interview with TMZ published on April 5, 2021, she said, “I feel really blessed since I get six figures a month through OnlyFans.”

Acting has become her full-time job and she’s making more money than she ever has before. As a result, “I’m experiencing a sense of empowerment I’ve never experienced before.”

Maitland also revealed that she is working on a high-profile mainstream role. The Big Time is the working title of her upcoming role in a new sitcom.

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More About Maitland Ward Career

Her cosplaying began in the years following her retirement from performing, Additional appearances at various comic conventions were also made by the character. Cosplaying as a slave Princess Leia was her first venture into the world of cosplay. Photographers who worked with her on the red carpet came up with the idea. Besides Logan’s Run and Red Sonja, she played Jessica 6 in Logan’s Run. In recent years, she has made appearances at comic events with only body paint on.

Maitland Ward Net Worth

In the middle of 2013, Ward started using Snapchat and Instagram to share photographs of herself in undies and without a top. Due to her success on both platforms, she has amassed an enormous following.” In April of last year, she began posting photographs of her painted naked body on social media for the first time. Luciano Paesani hired her to make this piece for his “Living Art” exhibition in Los Angeles. She revealed on Instagram in 2019 that she would be starring in a pornographic film called Drive. The move was referred to as a “dramatic career shift” by the media. For Ward, the support of former Boy Meets World star Trina McGee was much needed.

In May of this year, Ward joined forces with the adult talent agency Society 15. Kayden Kross, a pornographic actress, and director, allegedly contacted her, according to her. The idea of doing porn “really floored” her, she claimed. “It’s been an evolution,” she said afterward, referring to the transformation. Because everything she’s done has been something she’s wanted to accomplish, it has all been part of her real path thus far. Drive was launched on Deeper.com on September 30, 2019. If you ask Ward what made her choose a career as a porn actor, her response is that she was afraid of being typecast and thought that she would find new followers in the porn industry.